Friday, February 12, 2010

Fantage: Check It Out!

Founded in 2007, Fantage (Fantastic Age) is a next-generation destination site for children and the fastest growing community site for children between 7-13. Fantage’s games and adventures entertain and delight children, instill important lessons like sharing and giving, and promote positive social interaction in an engaging, exciting, safe environment that both kids and parents love. Fantage also provides an age-appropriate, safe social networking experience within a fun virtual world.
Upon signing in, users pick the servers they want to join and then select a region they want to visit, such as uptown or downtown. If you want to do secret-agent style missions, you can head underground. You can earn medals and gifts by playing mini games. 
 There are games for each section in which you collect stars. These stars are good for purchasing furniture, clothing, hover boards, costumes, stickers, etc. The more stars you have the better, especially when participating in the Fashion Show game where members are judged by three themed looks! Not only are there games, but themed parties as well! 
Take this weekend for example, where we have our Valentine's Day weekend extravaganza!! Anyone who plays Fantage this weekend can pick up new items for their inventory, new stickers, and play Valentine inspired games to win medals!
 Fantage also allows the option to customize everything in your child’s communication privilege. Being dedicated to the safety of Fantage members, they have created a highly sophisticated, three-tier safety system providing the greatest level of protection of any community site for children on the Web.
The best part? Fantage is free. All you do is sign up, choose an avatar and let the fun begin! However, if you want some extra privileges around the site, Fantage also has premium memberships!
More information on that and more can be found on their website here:

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