Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Shushybye Sleepover Surprise Book & CD Review & Giveaway

About The Book:

The follow-up to the debut SHUSHYBYE bedtime picture storybook, SHUSHYBYE: SLEEPOVER SURPRISE returns readers to the magical land of Shushybye where the Shushies – who live in such villages as Nap Valley and Snore Shore – make dreams for children.

In SHUSHYBYE: SLEEPOVER SURPRISE, Shushy best friends SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ discover there doesn’t have to be an occasion to be nice to your friends.  After DOZIE bakes SNOOZLES and ZEEZ one of her famous Sky Pies, the two Shushies think of a special way to let her know how much they care about her friendship.  Together, they plan a concert at The House of Snooze in DOZIE’s honor. The book also introduces a pair of very comical Shushies, Snort and Wheez who drive the Shushybye Dream Van to pick up all the completed Dream Boxes and bring them to Conductor McCloud.   It’s an important job.  

Included inside the book – which features a glow-in-the-dark front cover – is a ReadAlong/SingAlong audio CD that includes the popular “Shushybye Blues” song and two other original songs, along with the entire story narrated by our official Shushybye storyteller, XM KiDS’ morning personality Kenny Curtis (and the voices of all the Shushies).The popular SHUSHYBYE franchise is headed by Shushybye Baby, a live action and animated television series airing daily on the national (and international) children’s channel BabyFirstTV as well as on Comcast Cable - the #1 Video On Demand network in the country.  Plus, XM Satellite Radio’s award-winning children’s channel XM KiDS (Channel 116) presents “The Shushybye Show on XM KiDS’ which airs twice daily. 

In addition to the SHUSHYBYE TV and radio shows and St. Martin’s Press picture storybooks, SHUSHYBYE also boasts a critically-acclaimed series of Shushybye Dream Band music CD’s from KOCH Records, award-winning concert DVD’s from PBS Video, sleepwear from Adorable Kids, Inc. and the beloved line of plush dolls from The Shushybye Company. The newest book, SHUSHYBYE: SLEEPOVER SURPRISE is a wonderful addition to the established franchise, giving parents another loving way to ease their preschoolers into bedtime. 

Drawn in an accessible cartoon style, SHUSHYBYE: SLEEPOVER SURPRISE will spark the imagination of children who wonder where dreams come from. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the colorful land of Shushybye and the cuddly, pajama-clad Shushies, who, supported by catchy and spirited rock music and lullabies – and enticing glow-in-the-dark cover - will smoothly shepherd them towards sleep—and towards their Shushybye Dream Boxes!

My Review:

I am a huge advocate for early literacy and because of that I am happy to say that my children, ages three and 19 months, love to have books read to them. They also love looking at books and "read" to one another! I am always on the hunt for great books and I loved Shushybye Sleepover Surprise.

Recently, my husband and I have been struggling with bedtime with my older daughter. We have always told her to think of something wonderful to dream about and tell us what that is. I love that his book reinforces the concept of dreaming and that a child needs to fall asleep first before dreaming! The illustrations are absolutely adorable and its a very easy to read book! Though there is alot of words on each page (at least for a toddler and early preschooler), the book can be very easily adapted to fit the age of your child, and its great for the new year to practice reading skills on!

The CD is wonderful, and contains songs and read along features that both children and adults will enjoy! One other great feature of this book is that both the front and back covers glow in the dark! My three year loves this and has taken the book to bed with her just so she "can watch it shine"!

I love that the Shushabye Dream Band also can check out here to see if they will be in a city near you!

I highly recommend this book and CD set. It would be a wonderful gift for a new baby, or even a birthday gift for the special child in your life!

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***Thank you to Cara Downs at SSA Public Relations and The Product Review Place for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review on this blog***


  1. I have my 18 month old help me pick up his toys, then my husband and I take him into his room and the three of us read a story together. Then, my son gives his Daddy sugars and hugs. Then, I get my sugars and hugs and we put him in his crib to go to sleep! And, he goes to sleep all by himself!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  2. Oh, and I'm a follower!

  3. I am a new follower (this is my first Friday Follow!).

    From the first day my babies came home from the hospital, we have kept to the same routine - bath, book, bedtime. My boys can't fall asleep unless I read to them, or (for my 7 year old) he reads to himself. It's the one thing, without a doubt, I have done well as a mom is expose them to the love of reading.

  4. i just keep her in a routeen so she knows what to expect! She also loves the shushys so much. dozey is her fave and we have been watching them on baby first tv since she was just a little peanut!

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  9. My 4 yr old needs to have two books read to him and a song sung each night. My 11 month old just passes out!!!!!

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  11. I let my son listen to the oldies. It always helps him to have music to listen too. Plus now he can sing Beatles songs with me. ;)

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  13. Rubbing their back always seems to help them fall asleep

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