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Cole...I Love You To The Book & Back: Book Review & Giveaway

About The Book:

Aaron Dean Ruotsala, 24-year-old husband, father, business owner, and pilot shares a true story about a heart-wrenching experience he calls the best and worst experience of a lifetime. This story will provoke you to laughter, tears, and cause you to examine yourself and your role as a human on this temporal journey. His prayer is that all who read this amazing story will learn from the experience in which they had no choice, to realize that when life brings you to the darkest, deepest, loneliest point imaginable, you will recognize what really matters in life. So, please laugh, cry, share, examine, and mostly enjoy this book that is certain to make you ask the question: "What if this happened to me?" 

The reality is that it could.

Aaron Ruotsala Blog Tour Q&A

1. Aaron, in September of 2008, your three-year-old son, Cole, passed away. Share with us about Cole.

Cole was a beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little boy who always loved to be by our side. He was the kid that would “Be There” when you cleaned the garage, mowed the lawn, sat on the steps, or when you would need someone to hug. Never in your wildest dreams would you expect a child to get cancer, especially your child. Then it happened, July 24th 2008, Cole was diagnosed. We watched him go through endless rounds of chemotherapy, surgery after surgery, and container after container of pain medications. He was battling a monster called Adreno-Cortical Carcinoma, a cancer which proved to develop a tumor the size of a gallon ice cream jug and which quickly spread to his liver, lungs, spleen, and inferior vena cava. However despite his battle his heart proved to display a greater amount of “Love” than I think I could ever give. 

2. You received a groundswell amount of support during those eight weeks when Cole was sick, many stories of which you include in your book. What happened when word of his diagnosis spread? 

The word of an innocent child battling for his life quickly spread from Cole’s family, to his community, and ultimately around the nation and world. The messages began pouring in…messages of hope, encouragement and prayers. Cole’s life and story began to be a living testament of the true values of life. Displaying what truly is important…with everyone realizing that through this child we are all able to search our hearts and lives and determine what truly is important. To understand that no one is guaranteed another day, as in Cole’s life he was only 3. 

3. Cole, sadly, lost his fight against cancer. How has his death changed you and your family’s life?

Death- The word in itself is scary. The word with understanding is something that removes fear. 
Through the death of Cole I can no longer fear death. In fact I look forward to it, because of this… Our pastor mentioned at Cole’s funeral, ”you can’t loose someone or something if you know where that someone or something is.” Because of Jesus Christ and God’s love for me, I now am able to rest knowing that this life is not our home! One day we will be together again! We didn’t lose Cole in September of 2008.   

4. After Cole died, you and your wife, Moireen, started a foundation in memory of Cole that now provides support to other families facing similar crises. Can you tell us a bit about COLE’s Foundation?

The mission of the COLE Foundation is simple: To provide outreach and support to the families of children facing cancer and create a public awareness of the needs and challenges faced by those families. The foundation focuses on developing programs of support services to provide families facing medical challenges. These programs include our Adopt- A- Family program which currently sponsors over 1200 children across the United States and abroad. It also includes individual programs like Send-A-Smile that focuses on bring a smile to a child through gifts and care packages.

5. You work with thousands of families who are battling life-threatening illnesses with their children, primarily cancer. What are some practical ways that people can support a family who is going through something of this magnitude?

The Internet provides a perfect and marvelous vehicle for individuals to send hope and encouragement through messages. It is absolutely amazing how much support a typed message can leave for families. Simply log on to Cole’s Foundation ( and visit the children’s Web sites who are facing unbelievable circumstances. On their Web sites, you are able to leave messages and prayers for families.

6. Through your ministry, you probably see a lot of death. How can we reach out to a family who might have recently lost a child or another loved one?

One of the programs we focus on is called Healing Hearts. It is specifically designed to minister to families who have lost children. Volunteers are always needed and your monetary support is welcomed in order to continue to send them baskets of love.

7. You and your wife know the Lord, and found your faith to be a great source of support when Cole was sick. What hope can you offer others going through a crisis, whether it’s a health crisis, a financial crisis or a devastating death?

Trust in the promises of God! He tells us that He will never leave us nor forsake us! That’s a promise He has given to everyone of us. We can completely trust in that and know that regardless of what circumstance we are in He will always be there for us. We just need to do our part! If we seek Him we will find Him, if we knock the door will be opened unto us! Trust in Him and keep your eyes focused on the Lord!

8. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Without the hope that is given to us in Jesus Christ this would have been almost too much to bear. I’m not saying it was easy but what I am saying is that with the knowledge of Jesus Christ we are able to live day to day!

My Review:

Words cannot honestly be written about how this book has impacted me. As I read through throug Ruotsala Family's journey with Cole through a very rare and quick cancer, I was brought back to the day I received my cancer diagnosis. That is a day that changed my life, and was one that I never in a million years thought I would experience at the age of 32. However, as shocking as the diagnosis was, I stood strong to my faith in God and knew that a miracle would occur. Just as the Ruotsala Family did, and does.

Though Cole was not healed here on earth, he was brought into the arms of his loving Heavenly Father, to spend eternity with him, completely healed and healthy. I was healed here on earth, and I am forever grateful to God that I only needed surgery to remove my cancer. However, that was only the beginning of my miracle. Prior to my diagnosis in May 2005 I had been told it would be virtually impossible to conceive children. However, the Lord had a much bigger plan....10 months after my diagnosis I became pregnant with my first child and delivered her 10 weeks premature (another miracle itself) in Oct 2006. I then had one more child in July 2008. Though I would never wish the diagnosis of cancer on anyone, I am so thankful for the miracle of becoming a mom, that occured afterward!

This book was beautifully written, and though not a big book (which would normally be a quick read for me), it took me a little longer to read through because it was very emotional to go through the cancer journey with the Ruotsala family.

The one thing that blew me away more than anything is just how wise Cole was, even though he was so young. He reminds the reader that you need to love and live like its your last day to do so. I was so impacted by Cole. It brought me to tears on more than one occasion while reading messages from those on Caring Bridge. Cole, though so young, impacted people more than I know many adults do!

I was also so encouraged by Aaron and Moireen's faith in God, despite their world falling apart by their young child's illness and death. They knew though, the power of the Lord, and that He would, and will, bring them through this, their toughest battle yet. Through this book, and their actions, I was reminded that the storms come to us in order for us to draw closer to Him who guides us through them.

There are miracles in the small things, big things, good and bad things. This was seen so evidently in the young life of Cole and his family. His life has impacted so many thousands of people, as seen through The C.O.L.E. Foundation.  The biggest reminder to me is that you never know what life will bring, only God knows that, so keep your loved ones close to you, hug on them and love on them, like there will not be a tomorrow!

I highly recommend this book and just have to say - It will change your life!

BUY IT:  You can purchase Cole...I Love You To The Moon & Back by Aaron Dean Ruotsala online through The C.O.L.E. Foundation (print version is only available through here). You can also purchase the audio version through

Because I was so impacted and moved by this book, I would love to give my copy of Cole...I Love You To The Moon and Back.....

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***Thank you very much to Debbie at Sidedoor Communications, and the Ruotsala Family, for providing me a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review on this blog***


  1. What a wonderful family. I can't even imagine going through what they have, and dont' want too. I have a friend whose daughter is very sick right now and would like to be able to share this book with him.

  2. a precious family...blessings to all.


  3. This seems like a beautiful family that was dealt a terrible blow. I can't imagine losing a child.

    Please include me in this giveaway.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  4. I was tearing up just reading the interview. I cant imagine what they have gone through. I have a 4 yr old son, and I just had to go hug him!!

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  5. I can honestly say that as the eldest of six children that I have questioned as to why I am the only one who has inherited the three auto-immune diseases that I have. There is no cure for any of them, and all of my brothers and sisters have passed the age of when I was first diagnosed. I feel a great need to read this book and see the answers to my questions through the eyes of a child. I cannot imagine the heartbreak of burying a child.

    Thank you,