Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easy Daysies Review & Giveaway!

As a parent, and Early Childhood Educator, I am very aware of how important routine is for children, particularly to ensure positive behaviors. Therefore, I am always looking for great ways to encourage routine and make transitions as painless as possible. Recently I became aware of a product that not only encourages routine but does so in a really fun and unique manner. Best of all its a Canadian made product!

Elaine Comeau is a mom of three, and educator, so is very aware of the importance of routine for children. Thus she invented a visual reminder for children of all the various events that can encompass a day. Easy Daysies are magnetic daily schedules that are perfect for kids 3-12. It is important for children to have a visual representation of routine. Elaine INVENTED this system so kids can learn routine, responsibility, priorities, and sight word recognition. Through the use of the Easy Daysies system, children learn self-discipline, respect, good work habits, confidence and security. The Easy Daysies system can be used at home and in the classroom, whether homeschooling, daycare, or preschool. It is also a fantastic tool for children with a variety of special needs.

 I received two Easy Daysies product from Elaine to test and review: The Easy Daysies Starter Kit, and the Family Activity Kit.

The Easy Daysies Start Kit includes the Apple Tree or Daisy Fold N' Go, and all 18 magnets from the Easy Daysies Every Day Kit. You can personalize the Fold and Go, and it is divided into two sides: To Do & Done. The 18 magnets that you receive are:

*Brush Teeth (2)   
*Get Dressed   
*Pack Backpack    
*Clean Up  
*Bath Time   
*Bed Time   
*Wash Hands & Face    
*Make Bed 
*Snack (Break)    
*Play/Free Time  
*Family Time

The Family Activity Kit includes the following:

*Play Date
*Movie Night
*Play Outside
*Blank one to customize

Other kits available for use with the Easy Daysies system include: Chores & Rewards, Classroom Kit, Extracurricular Activities, Potty Training/Washroom, Get Dressed Routine, Special Times & Clocks. You can also purchase the Apple Tree and Daisy Fold & Go's separately (which I am planning to do in the future, so I have one for each child).

 Easy Daysies also makes Restickables!  Adorable Restickables will help your kids put their own clothes away!  

Simply stick them on drawers, bins, closets, etc. Pictures with matching words will help kids at any age quickly learn to get organized.

Restickables come in Pink, Blue, Orange, and a Tri-Color Pack.

 My Review:

All of the Easy Daysies system is designed, created and assembled in Canada, using 70% recycled products! 

I love this product! My three year old is the perfect age to use the Easy Daysies system and as soon as I opened the package, she wanted to set it up! The routine that we set up was for our evening schedule/bedtime! She is so excited when we have dinner now because she knows we can "move the pictures on my chart". And heaven forbid I miss sometime, because she is right there to remind me! 

I am very impressed with the quality of this product and I know it will last a very long time in my home! I will eventually even use it for daytime routines with my home daycare, but for now I am using it with just my girls. It is a fun way to add learning into my daughters' day and I have to say it has significantly decreased the behavior issues we were experiencing with my three year old at bedtime! Thank you Elaine for designing such a great product.

One other reason that I love the Easy Daysies system is that Elaine donates 5% of the profits from the sale of Easy Daysies to International Justice Mission (IJM). IJM is an organization that works to help oppressed children around the world. This is one organization that my church supports, and that really caught my eye. 

If you want to incorporate routine into the lives of your child(ren) or cut out problem behaviors, I highly recommend using Easy Daysies! I give this product a HUGE thumbs up!!!!
BUY IT: You can purchase Easy Daysies online directly from the website. You can also check here for a list of retailers.  SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Enter this code under Special Instructions: "Mom After God's Own Heart 2010" (no quotations) to receive a FREE Easy Daysies Clock Kit, valued at $8.99

WIN IT: One (1) reader will win the Easy Daysies Every Day Kit & The Easy Daysies Restickables ($30 Value)

TO ENTER: Head over to Easy Daysies and tell me your favorite Easy Daysies schedule!


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***Thank you to Elaine @ Easy Daysies for providing with complimentary product in exchange for a review on this blog***


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