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Pull Ups Potty Dance Blog Tour!

I am very excited to announce that I was chosen by Mom Central Canada to be apart of the Pull Ups Potty Dance Blog Tour!

The thought of potty training is often a scary thought for many parents, and I know my husband and I were no exception. I am so grateful for the years that I worked in Early Childhood Education, because it gave me a lot of great ideas when it came to potty training my oldest! A parent can become so overwhelmed with the thought of stickers, charts, treats, potty-parties, and the other ideas out there. Thankfully, Huggies Pull Ups help parents make the transition from diapers to underpants so much easier.

However, here is what worked for us, when training our oldest, now three and a half years old.

When "M" was about 16 months old, she began showing an interest in the toilet (a sign of toilet-learning readiness). So one of the first things we thought to do was have her come into the washroom with me when I would go. That way, she would see what the whole toileting process entailed. She would think it was hilarious and eventually (about two weeks) she would want to sit.

At the time I was expecting our second child and we were living in a townhouse and our washroom was up the stairs (about 10 or so), therefore we decided to get a little potty and have it in our kitchen for her to practice sitting on. This was more for me, then her, as I had a difficult pregnancy.

At first it was a game to her, as she would carry it around and try and use the potty as a hat (yeah I know, gross! We stopped that pretty quickly).  After a while, she realized that it was not a toy and would regularly go and sit on it like a chair, but I actually like this because she was still getting used to the idea of a potty. 

Because we were expecting, we did not push training, even though "M" showed many signs of toilet readiness, such as staying dry long periods, telling us when she was wet or had a bowel movement, and wanting to sit on the potty. We chose not to push the training because we were already preparing her for the new baby, moving her to a big girl bed and weaning her off the bottle, and felt she would not be as successful with potty training with all the other stuff going on. Looking back this was an excellent decision.

By the age of 26 months, she was staying dry longer, and sometimes through the night, and we thought we would start seriously potty training. However, we were heading out of town for Christmas and decided that after Christmas we would go full steam ahead! Luckily, "Santa" found out about this and "M" got Dora panties in her stocking! She was so excited!

In January 2009 I decided that we would have a potty-learning week! We made sure that there were no appointments to go to, and made sure that we let friends and family know that we would be sticking close to home due to having our potty learning week! Everyone was so understanding!

We never used stickers or charts. I am a big advocate for not using bribery, but postive reinforcement instead. But please remember, every child is different. What worked for my child, may not work for yours.

What worked for us was this: I dressed "M" on Monday morning in just a shirt and baby legwarmers, which nothing on her bum. We had the little potty set up in the kitchen and every 45 minutes we would go and have "M" sit. During the day Monday, she went pee 5 times! To reinforce what a great job she had done that day, I sang this little song: "M went to the potty, M went to the potty, M went to the potty, hip hip hooray!"  While singing we would both spin in circles and then give high fives after! She LOVED it!!! That night she actually fought me putting a diaper on! She we decided to put a Huggies Pull Up on. She looked down at the Pull Up, looked at her dad and I and said, "No diaper, I a big girl!" with a huge smile on her face. And she stayed dry that night, what an added bonus!

Here are two fun videos to use music and dance to encourage your toilet training child, featuring actress Jessica Holmes and Traci Melchor

Back to our potty learning journey.

The next two days, we followed the same routine, except I lengthed the time between sitting on the potty to every hour on Tuesday, and every 1.5 hours on Wednesday. She had no accidents either day, and went to bed with Pull Ups only both nights. On Thursday, she wanted to wear her panties (I left them in a spot that she would see them, and make her own choice to try them). I said okay, but "we can't get Dora wet" and she smiled big and said, "I go on the potty". Both her and I were so excited when at the end of the day she had only had one accident and peed on the potty 6 times, and had one bowel movement too!  Finally Friday arrived and we put on panties once again and she stayed dry ALL DAY, and went on her own on the potty 5 times!!!

For us this was such an awesome feeling. We used Pull Ups only at night from January to July 2009. At that time, my husband and I realized that "M" was staying dry at night and we could not actually remember the last time she had been wet at night. In fact she was actually waking up on her own to use the washroom, with our help (us hearing her holler out at night LOL). She when we got to the last few Pull Ups we explained to her that when they were gone, it was underwear only at night. She did not even fight it....why did we wait so long to do this, when it ended up being so easy:) By the way, for those wondering, we also stopped using Pull Ups in the car during the summer of 2009 because she would tell us when she had to go and hold it until we got to a toilet!

So now my three and a half year old has been trained for over a year, and we are now thinking of training our 20 month old because she has been sitting on the potty for 3 months now. I just hope things go as smoothly with "I" as they did with "M". Only time will tell:)

Here is the official Huggies Pull Ups Potty Dance Video featuring Ralph Covert!

Here is my question for you: What method worked the best when potty training/learning your child(ren)?

***Thank you to Huggies Pull Ups and Mom Central Canada for providing me the opportunity to participate in this blog tour***


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