Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toddler Fun For Easter!

I have been struggling this year with how to do Easter treats for my girls. Since finding out we were having children, my husband and I have discussed how to handle Easter. We don't want to emphasis the Easter Bunny or Candy, but more focus on the true story of Easter, that being the death and resurrection of Jesus. However, our girls are still pretty young, and so we try to still make things fun! We have never given our girls alot of candy, or sugar for that matter. With Easter though they tend to get it from other family members, and then yikes, do we ever see some serious behavior issues from "sugar crashes". Well, this morning I found a perfect solution, courtesy of a fellow blogger! I found this list at Life As A Modern Mom and wanted to share this with all my readers:

I was trying to think of healthier alternatives than candy to place in Mr. Toddler’s Easter Eggs this year.  At the Egg Hunt this past weekend, it was mainly chewy candy–something he has never even had!  So for our easter eggs at home, these are my top 10: 1.  Stickers–he loves stickers!
2.  Cheerios
3.  Teddy Grahams
4.  Mini M&M’s
5.  Animal crackers
6.  Mini nabisco cookies
7.  Any other cereal, apple jacks, fruit loops, lucky charms
8.  Alphabet Letters(magnetic)
9.  Gold fish crackers
10. Raisins

I am going to tweet this just a bit and probably add the following:

1. Buy some small reusuable bags and fill with a coloring book and crayons

2. Buy each girl a book

3. add some simple Easter Story color sheets

4. Paint Easter eggs at the grandparents

Question: What activities do you plan for your children? Do you include candy/toys, or do you try to focus on the true meaning of Easter?

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