Monday, April 12, 2010

Facing Your Giants: Book Review

About The Book:

Giants. We must face them. Yet, we need not face them alone.

This profound look at the life of David digs deeply into the defeats he suffered, and the victories he won, as he faced the giants in his life. When David focused on God, giants tumbled. But when David focused on giants, he stumbled.

Goliaths still roam in our world. Debt. Disaster. Dialysis. Divorce. Deceit. Disease. Depression. These super-sized challenges swagger and strut into our lives, pilfering our sleep, embezzling our peace, and robbing us of our joy. And while these giants try to dominate our lives, we know what to do! We've learned what David learned, and we do what David did. We become God-focused. We pick up five stones. We make five decisions. And we take a swing.

About The Author:

Max Lucado, Minister of Preaching for the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, is the husband of Denalyn and father of Jenna, Andrea, and Sara. In a good week he reads a good book, has a few dinners with his wife, and breaks 90 on the golf course. He usually settles for the first two.

My Review:

I have always been a fan of Max Lucado, and I had recently been able to view an interview of him speaking about "Facing Your Giants". I knew he had written a book by the same time, but just had not had a chance to pick it up yet. As a member of Thomas Nelson Book Sneeze Blog Book Review Program, I was recently able to do just that! I was pumped that this opportunity came up to read Lucado's book! I was not disappointed.

The story of David and Goliath is one that pretty well everyone who knows Bible Stories is familiar with. I just did not realize there were so many life lessons in this little story. The life of David, not just this one battle with Goliath, if full of wonderful examples of how we can thrive in spite of trials, troubles and "giants", whatever form they it depression, lost dreams, disappointment, anger, or fear, etc. Each chapter in Lucado's book discusses a different "giant" and how to hold onto the hope in Jesus Christ in order to battle each of the 19 giants Lucado addresses. My favorite quotes from the book are these:

"Giants. We must face them. Yet we need not face them alone"

"If we focus on the giants, we stumble if we focus on God, the giants tumble"

 If you are going through a struggle right now that you think you can't get through, you can with God at your side. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will never let you go through more than He knows you can handle, and He will always bring you through the trial because He wants to bring you to Him.

I highly recommend this book and give it a HUGE thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado online, directly from Thomas Nelson. It is also available through your favorite local bookseller.

***Thank you to Thomas Nelson Book Sneeze program for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review on this blog***

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