Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kids Konserve Earth Day Discount Code

About Kids Konserve:

Each day as they made school lunches, Chance Claxton and Lynn Julian knew the daily throwaway of foil, plastic baggies, used juice cartons and containers was leaving their houses destined for landfill or worse! One child generates an average of 67 lbs of lunchtime trash per school year!!

For Chance and Lynn, finding a solution to the never-ending challenge of sorting and managing the everyday accumulation of household trash became a never-ending challenge. The consensus: a lunch system that was re-usable and waste-free. Armed with positive feed back from parents and children, they sourced the best and safest eco-friendly materials that would be environmentally approved, waste-free and stand up to the rigors of repeated use. They also wanted the products to be fun, colorful and appealing to kids. They wanted to become a company not just of eco-friendly lunch kits and reusable products, but a source of educational information that parents, schools and kids could use to keep learning about their responsibilities to the environment.

Launched in August 2008, KIDS KONSERVE presented their signature waste-free lunch kit and product line followed by GO WILD butterfly and caterpillar waste-free lunch kits. Early 2009 introduced the Party Pak, with Build a Kit for Back to School in 2009. New products continue to be introduced, the latest being a line of insulated lunch sacks and sweat-free ice packs all made from recycled plastic bottles! In addition, Kids Konserve educates and communicates with their customers and fans via a monthly Knewsletter, blog, social networking like Facebook and Twitter. They also outreach via educational programs with their school Waste-Free Challenges which give a percentage of every sale to the school. Kids Konserve is committed to environmentally sound practices in every day life.

Kids Konserve offers a complete line of reusable food storage options from complete waste-free lunch kits to individual reusable containers and beverage bottles, all made from the safest, non-leaching, bisphenol-A free (BPA), lead free and phthalate free materials. Kids Konserve products are all available on their website and in select retail locations. See their website for list of stores.

BUY IT: You can purchase Kids Konserve products directly online at their website  

Thanks to Kids Konserve, I have a discount code for my readers to use until April 30, 2010......when you check out use code: "rempels" for a 15% discount!

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