Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Green Books Review #3

I was so incredibly blessed to be able to work with Amanda at Simon and Schuster Publishing! She sent me a total of 12 books to review. All of them are about Earth Day and being Eco-friendly. Here are three more of these fantastic books!

Don't Throw That Away: A Lift-The-Flap Book

You can keep that trash and reuse it in all kinds of wonderful ways!
Do you see that old jar?
Don't throw that away!
You can turn it into...a new vase!

Follow an eco-conscious super hero as he teaches kids how to recycle and reuse common household items! The five large flaps throughout show that oridinary trash is really a treasure. From turning old clothes into fun costumes or an old box into a brand new car, kids will learn that saving the environment is super cool!

Review: This is an absolutely adorable book that teaches children some great ideas on how to use trash to make great things! The entire book is made out of recycled materials and has wonderful lift flaps. It is also a board book which is excellent for use with younger children. Its never too early to start teaching children how to be earth-friendly and this book is a perfect one for that purpose.

BUY IT: You can purchase Don't Throw That Away online, directly through Simon and Schuster. It is also available through your favorite local bookseller.

My First Garden

Come along with a mother and daughter as they dig up soil, plant a flower bed, and water the seeds to make their very first garden. Together they watch the colorful vegetables grow, grow, grow! This book teaches a first concept of colors as well. The book has a handle die-cut through on every page so kids can take the book with them wherever they go!

Review: I loved this book, and better yet, my girls both did too. I loved that this book not only taught concepts like colors, but also taught children about vegetables and the concept that some food comes from gardens. A great introduction to gardening. This book is also made of 100% recycled materials.

BUY IT: You can purchase My First Garden online, directly through Simon and Schuster. It is also available through your favorite local bookseller.

What Do You See?: A Lift The Flap Book About Endangered Animals

I show up bright against the sky.
I swoop and swoosh and flutter by.
What can I be?
What do you see?

Stephen Krensky's clever rhyming text entices young readers to guess which endangered species is hiding beneath each flap! From a panda bear to a butterfly, each spread features text and die cuts which hint at the animal's identity, until finally it is revealed by lifting the flap! Composed of 100% recycled material, this playful and interactive new title is both entertaining and educational!

Review: Super cute book that teaches your child all about endangered animals. You and your child will be introduced to Pandas, Monarch Butterflies, Rhino's, Sea Turtles, and the Snow Leopard. The illustrations are great and the book is written in a fun, sing song style which was totally appealing to my girls. I highly recommend this book!

BUY IT: You can purchase What Do You See? online, directly through Simon and Schuster. It is also available through your favorite local bookseller.

***Thank you to Amanda at Simon and Schuster for providing me with a complimentary copy of each book above, for the purpose of review on this blog***

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