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Nickelodeon Helps To Celebrate Earth Day: Book Reviews

I was recently approached by Simon & Schuster Publishers to review their Little Green Series of Books that teach young children all about taking care of the Earth! I jumped at the chance, especially with Earth Day approaching and also, because I wanted to check out the great resources for teaching my children and my home daycare children the importance of taking care of our Earth.

I was sent a set of four books that feature Nickelodeon TV characters that we are all familiar with: Dora The Explorer, Sponge Bob, The Wonder Pets and Blue's Clues. Needless to say, these books have been VERY popular in my house the last two weeks that we have had them:)

About Nickelodeon's The Big Green Help:

Nickelodeon's Big Green Help is all about helping YOU find simple, positive ways to help protect the earth every day.

ENGAGING: The Big Green Help is a compelling, entertaining call to action to save our environment. Through on-air messaging tied to online gaming, kids will be excited to take action.
POSITIVE: Global warming, acid rain, deforestation-the environmental challenges facing us today are scary. While not shying away from these issues, The Big Green Help will highlight positive actions kids can take to save their world.
ACTION-ORIENTED: The Big Green Help is about saving the world today. By educating and encouraging, daily eco-friendly actions, kids can take immediate steps to save our environment.
KID-EMPOWERING: Kids can take the lead. Kids can be the motivators and influence their families to create a greener world. Kids can educate adults and demand that they take the steps to save our environment.

FYI: All four of this books were printed using 100% Vegetable based inks and printed on 100% recycled paper!

Blue's Clue's Watch Me Grow - Blue Plants A Seed:

In this original first-experience story, Blue learns all about how plants grow in school when each student plants a seed to take home. Blue is anxious for her seed to sprout-but she learns that she must be patient and tend her seed well, because plants need care and time to grow big and strong, just like us! Along the way, Blue learns about how plants make clean air to breathe and healthy fruits and vegetables to eat.
As an added bonus, the inside back cover shows readers how to plant their own sunflower seeds, just like Blue! 

Review: This was an adorable book! Not only does it include all the favorite character's from Blue's Clues, but children learn how to plant and care for plants, and how plants help us! Blue is one of my daughters' favorite so we have read this book a lot! Right now I read it to my girls, but its a perfect book for children who are learning to read (and are confident reading a lot of words). The pictures are typical of Blue's Clues, bright and colorful. Awesome book that I highly recommend.

BUY IT: You can purchase Watch Me Grow: Blue Plants A Seed online here, through Simon and Schuster. It can also be purchased through your favorite local bookseller.

Sponge Bob Goes Green: An Earth-Friendly Adventure: 

Right in time for Earth Day (April 22, 2010), SpongeBob is going green in this original, environment-friendly story packed with green goodness! When Mr. Krabs decides to open a pool outside the Krusty Krab to make some extra cash, he puts SpongeBob in charge of pool duty. But the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating, and it's still too cold to tempt people into swimming. So…SpongeBob decides to speed up the warm weather by pumping carbon dioxide into the environment. Little does SpongeBob know, he's messing with Mother Nature in a big way and bringing global warming to Bikini Bottom! Soon it's sweltering hot, and everyone has to pack up and move. Can SpongeBob reverse Global Warming and save the Bikini Bottom? Will he learn his lesson and start respecting Mother Nature? Find out in this green-themed 8 x 8 Paperback! 

Review: This again was a great read! My girls are only now recognizing who Sponge Bob is. It is not a character we normally watch on TV, but I really enjoyed the style of writing and the lessons taught in this book. Again, the reading level is for slightly older children (lots of words) but my 3 year old listen to the whole book and really liked it. Recommend it and give it a big thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase SpongeBob Goes Green: An Earth-friendly Adventure online here through Simon and Schuster. It can also be found through your favorite local bookseller. 

The Wonder Pets Save The Tree:

Based on the episode that won the 2006 Environmental Media Award for Children's Animated Television! 

The Wonder Pets travel to the city to save a little tree that is struggling to survive in a trash-strewn empty lot. They clean up the lot, giving the tree more sunlight and space. They nourish it with rain water from a bucket. And finally, they use teamwork to plant a wonderful garden around it with the help of their new city friends. When their work is done, the tree gives everyone a special springtime surprise! 

Review: Super cute book! The Wonder Pets is another favorite in our house, and you will find all the fave characters within this book: Linny, Ming-Ming and Tuck! Your child will learn all about the problem of littering and how it can affect plant and tree life, and just make things look yucky! Again, the reading level is a little higher for my three year old, but perfect for your independent reader, or the child that will sit and listen to a book with more words (my girls did okay!). Loved this book and give it a thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase The Wonder Pets Save The Tree online here, from Simon and Schuster. It is also available through your favorite local bookseller.

Dora Celebrates Earth Day: 

Dora explores the ways we can all make a difference and help save the planet by doing simple things at home. Diego, Boots, Mami, Papi, and all of Dora's friends get involved and share their favorite tips about what YOU can do to help!

Review: Well this was the hit of the day when I opened up the box that had this book in it! My daughters thought Christmas had arrived. My girls are certified Dora fans (and for now that is okay with me, although I prefer Diego - a bit more learning involved but that is just my opinion) and this book has definitely keep Dora in their line of sight!

Your child will learn all about the keep points of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! My three year even wanted us to get the three colors of recycling bins to use for our garbage that can be recycled. We already have bins, but she helped me put on pictures of cans, plastic and paper, and has been helping me sort when its time to do so!

Thank you Dora for also teaching my three year old about turning water off when teethbrushing and lights off too (I now have a child who is forever telling us to turn lights off, even when we are using them). You and your Dora fan will definitely enjoy this book! Still a lot a words, so great for reading together or for your independent reader! Loved it and give it a big thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase Dora Celebrates Earth Day directly from Simon and Schuster online here. It can also be purchased through your favorite local bookseller.

For more fun and learning about being Earth-friendly, head over to The Big Green Help and check out the awesome stuff you can do and learn!

***Thank you to Amanda at Simon and Schuster Publishing for providing me with complimentary books for the purpose of review on this blog****

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  1. Oooo, thanks for posting these great reviews! My kids love their Blues Clues books so I'm sure they'd love this one. Thanks again :)