Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Throw Bottle & Sippy Cup Tether: A Review

About No Throw:

We are Karla and Karen, twin sisters, from Chicago. When our
sons were still babies, we lived within a mile of each other and
were able to enjoy taking walks to the park with our children or
being able to drop in on each other for a cup of coffee. Early in
2001 Karla and her family moved to Detroit. As a result of Karla's
move, we found ourselves traveling back and forth between the two
states much more than we ever imagined. During those trips
Karla's son Danny kept throwing his bottle around the plane
and Karen's son Alex kept throwing his sippy cup all over the car.
After one particularly embarrassing flight Karla called Karen
and said "there has got to be something out there to stop this
embarrassment". That was 8 year ago! 

Our product is for 3 months +. We have designed a velcro strap
that will fit tightly around and hold onto children's bottles and
sippy cups. The NoThrow's leash styled handle can be slipped
over the seat belt that are attached to your child's car seat,
stroller, bike seat, high chair, baby-backpack, you name it!.
Tightly attach the Velcro strap around your bottle or sippy cup
then slip your leash style handle over the seat belt before you
buckle your little one into the car seat, high chair, bike seat,
stroller...where ever your baby sits. 

My Review:

The No Throw bottle and sippy cup Tether Straps have been the answer to my prayers! Just like the creators, I was forever telling my girls to stop throwing their cups down in the back seat of the car. It was also getting very tiring trying to reach back to grab the cups for them every time they went down. The No Throw Tether Straps have eliminated a lot of frustration, both mommy and kids!

No Throw has a ton of super cute patterns and I was very happy to have been sent two No Throw Tether Straps for my girls: Pink with Princess and Green with Numbers

The No Throw Tether would be ideal for car and booster seats (that is how I use it), for strollers and even on airplanes! Also, these would be perfect for shower gifts and baby gifts!

I highly recommend this product and give it a huge thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase No Throw Tether Straps online directly through No Throw. You can also see a list of retail locations here, including Walgreens!

***Thank you to No Throw for providing me with complimentary product for the purpose of testing and review on this blog***

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