Thursday, April 22, 2010

SheKnows Presents: The Mommy Files - A Book Review

As a reviewer for FSB Media, I was recently sent the book, SheKnows Presents: The Mommy Files: Secrets Every New Mom Should Know (that no one else will tell you!) I am very glad to share this great book with you.

About The Book:

Because SHEKNOWS® Parenting

And Jen Klein knows motherhood. She's survived changing a soiled diaper in a truck-stop bathroom while suspending a baby in mid-air. She's witnessed the judgment of the so-called "Mommy Mafia." She's found dried applesauce on her shirt. And in her hair. And the baby's hair. And the dog's fur.

Here she reveals secrets she's learned along the way about mastering the art of motherhood, from how to handle strangers who ask how much weight you've gained to (finally!) getting your little ones on the big yellow bus -- on time and with clean underwear. Inside Presents: The Mommy Files you'll find:
  • Your mom didn't know what she was doing either
  • A pediatrician is your partner, not your adversary
  • Playgroups are for moms more than they are for kids
  • Just because they can talk doesn't mean they can reason
  • Being a supermom is all about asking for help
Disclosed here in a friendly, wry look at motherhood, Jen Klein takes you through each lovable (and less than enjoyable) step toward that coveted title that will be screamed at you so many times in the years to come: "Mommy!"

You can read an excerpt of this book here.

About The Author:

Jen Klein is a mother of two boys and a girl, the youngest of whom just started kindergarten. After earning a thoroughly useful degree in art history and studio art, she writes technical documentation. But in her primary job as mom, she's dealt with nearly every parenting scenario imaginable, and appreciated every slobbery toddler kiss along the way. Klein has been a contributor to for the past two years and writes a weekly parenting column called "Monday Mom Challenge" in addition to regular articles. She lives near Boston, MA. 

 My Review:

This is a wonderfully written and easy to read book for any new mom! It is loaded with information that all new moms need about every imaginable topic. From breastfeeding to sleep to writing a birth plan to staying connected with your spouse after children arrive. This book has a ton of references to great websites and other resources. Klein uses humor and straight forwardness to give new moms so much wonderful advice. Much of the advice is what I have seen in other "mom" books, but I really loved the writing style that she used.

My favorite chapters included Good Parenting Is Sexy, Playgroups Are For Moms, Not Children, and Tales From The Potty. I highly recommend this book for any new mom and would make a perfect baby shower gift!

BUY IT: You can purchase Presents: The Mommy Files online through and It is also available through your favorite local bookseller.

***Thank you to Caitlin at FSB Media for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review on this blog***

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