Saturday, May 1, 2010

Huggies Pull Up's Potty Dance Blog Tour

Recently I was invited to be a part of the Pull Up's Potty Dance blog tour hosted by Mom Central Canada and Huggies. You can read about my journey with potty training with my now 3.5 year old here.

Now that my second child is at the stage where potty training is just around the corner, this blog tour came at the perfect time. As part of the tour, I was sent a great kit to host a Potty Party in my home. It includes potty training DVD's (created by Huggies), party decorations, a potty dance floor mat (with the steps of the Huggies Potty Dance) coupons, and a really fun Disney Dance CD. Wow, I was so excited to plan this party with my little one and get her on the road to a successful potty training journey.

I run a home daycare and currently have two other toddlers that are being potty trained (early stages), so I decided to have a Huggies Pull Ups Potty Dance with my home daycare children and my two girls. We had a blast.

I had watched the DVD prior to the party and it included some great tips and ideas for parents to make potty training as stress-free and successful for both parent and child.

I also found a whole section of music videos for kids, including the official Potty Dance video. All the songs were are going to the "potty" and the steps to take when doing so (handwashing, flushing the toilet, etc)! The kids jumped around and danced and eventually all of them were doing the Potty Dance with great success! It was so cute. We actually listened/watched the videos about five times, and now my 21 month old has been walking around the house singing, "clap, clap, do the potty dance"! And two days in a row, she has sat on the potty and peed! I think we might be on the road to potty training success!!!

Here is the official Huggies Pull Ups Potty Dance Video:

You will also enjoy Traci Melchor from E-Talk:

Here is Jessica Holmes and her daughter doing the potty dance:

After our Potty Dance Party, I sent each of my potty training daycare children home with a DVD and coupons for Huggies Pull Ups! We had such fun, and I know that the songs and Potty Dance will be sung and danced for months to come!

***Thank you to Mom Central Canada and Huggies Pull Ups for providing me with an official Pull Ups Potty Dance Party Kit to participate in this blog tour. I also received a $25 Chapters Gift Card as compensation for participating in this blog tour.***

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