Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Message: Oasis Audio Review

I recently teamed up with Sidedoor Communications and Oasis Audio to review The Message by Eugene Peterson. I was sent the complete Bible in 4 CD's (MP3 format) and immediately started listening to it!

About Oasis Audio:

Oasis audio began in 1999 publishing inspirational and self-help audio titles from a wide variety of sources. Over the years, the product selection expanded to include Bibles, non-fiction, fiction, children's and business audio titles.
Today, Oasis Audio publishes more Christian and inspirational titles than any other audio publisher in the US... over 120 titles annually from over two dozen different print publishers.

Our parent company, Domain Communications, has a strong reputation in the audio recording and replication business for nearly 50 years.

The mission of Oasis Audio is to publish stories and other content that uplifts, inspires and encourages positive values and personal growth.

About The Message:

An audio Bible that would penetrate our hearts and minds, transforming us day by day into the person God desires us to be. Written in the same kind of language you would use to talk with friends, write letters and discuss politics. The Message preserves the authentic, earthy flavor and expressive character of the Bible. For more than six million readers, Eugene Peterson's unique style has opened up new understanding and insight into God's Word.

***Written in clear, direct language that brings the Bible to life
***Covers all 66 books of the Bible
***Introduction for every book of the Bible
***A paraphrase from the original Hebrew and Greek languages

About The Author:

Eugene H. Peterson is a writer, a poet, and a retired pastor. He has authored more than 34 books (not including The Message) and contributing editor for Leadershp. He is Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. Eugene also founded Christ Our King Presbyterian Church in Bel Air, Maryland, where he ministered for 29 years. He lives with his wife Jan, in Montana.

About The Reader:

The reader, Kelly Ryan Dolan, has done voice-over work for the Left Behind radio drama, Sharper Video Productions, Sonlife Ministries and Willow Creek Community Church, among others.

My Review:

I have probably five or six different translations of The Bible at home, but most recently I have been drawn to reading The Message by Eugene H. Peterson. I love it because it makes my Bible reading time so much more enjoyable. The way Peterson writes makes it so easy to understand God's Word and it helps me to really realize how to apply His word to my life. So when I had the opportunity to review an audio version of The Message from Oasis Audio, I jumped at the chance.

Having an audio version of any book is so convienent, as you can take it everywhere you go then. I recently took my Oasis Audio CD's, which are already in MP3 format and transferred them to my mp3 player, so that when I go running or walking, I just bring my player along and I can listen to my Bible at the same time. In June, we are heading on a 14 hour road trip and I will definitely be bringing these CD's in the truck with us! Having an audio version of the Bible is definitely helping me keep on track with my Bible reading plan and I am so glad about that!

If you like the translation The Message I highly recommend this product and give it a huge thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase The Message on CD, as well as many other wonderful Christian titles, here on Oasis Audio. 

***Thanks to Debbie at Side Door Communications and Oasis Audio for providing me with a complimentary copy of The Message for the purpose of review on this blog***


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