Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bugalug Baby: Review

As a mom of two girls, and the oldest of four girls, I know I am destined to be surrounded by hair clips, dresses and pink, pink, and more pink! In fact, my oldest daughter's favorite color is....Pink! She also loves Princesses, dress up and getting her hair done!

With two little ones who love getting their hair done, I am always on the look out for cute and safe hair accessories, and am so excited to tell you about one company that will outfit your child in total cuteness!

Bugalug is a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta. Bugalug offers a collection of accessories for baby, toddlers & girls! From local trade shows and craft fairs, to a growth of presence in over 400 stores in 5 countries, with our simplistic and hip designs, Bugalug should be on the top of every modern mom’s shopping list.
Bugalug offers...
  • one of a kind non-slip grip
  • top quality design
  • mom-made products in Canada
  • exclusive ribbon designs
  • non-toxic and lead free
We're proud of our innovative, stylish and fun accessories. With so many to choose from, your little one will love to express themselves with a Bugalug!

I was so excited to receive the following products from Bugalug Baby.

First I received the Moxie Argyle Adjustable Toggle Headband! It is so cute! I love that its completely adjustable so that both my girls can wear it. It is so easy to adjust that my almost four year old can do it herself. Because its pink and white, the girls can also wear it with pretty much anything in their closet which is wonderful too!

Second, I received a Pink Argyle/Teal Cinch Belt. My favorite part about the Cinch Belt is that my daughter can wear a belt without having to deal with buckles. This is one task she has not completely mastered, but more importantly, with just snap to deal with, taking pants off and on, especially for bathrooming, is easy. Therefore, less chance for "accidents". Love it! I also love that you basically get two belts in one, since they are reversible! Again, with the pink and the blue colors, the Cinch Belt goes with almost everything the girls wear!

Third I received the Bugalug Soother Saver Clip in Pink Stripes. Although neither of my children currently use soothers (and haven't for quite sometime), I have used the Soother Saver in a couple different ways.

One way that is suggested on the Bugalug website is to use for keeping track of toys or sippy cups! I loved the idea of this so tried it out while in the car. We used the Soother Saver to attach "M"'s favorite blanket to her booster seat. Normally, she does not take her blanket where ever she goes, but she had been under the weather, and it was comforting to her. Using the Soother Saver helped to eliminate the dreaded, "I dropped my blanket" and having to reach into the back seat. Thank you for the great ideas for other uses of the Sooth Saver. It is obviously strong enough to hold a blanket, even though designed for a much smaller purpose, and I am glad that we were able to test it out.

Finally, we received the Bugalug Barrettes in Purple Passion Purple Dots (Simple Ribbon). These are so cute! These clips are 100% magnet free, with a silicone grip, that have no glue. They can be accessorized with bows or other embellishments and are made in Canada (as are all the products from Bugalug). 

I love that these clips stay on no matter what! My youngest daughter, I, loves to get her hair done, but being only 2 years old, the clips and ponies are out faster than I can put them in. Not these barrettes. She actually gets mad at me, because she can't get them out on her own. Now that's what I call no-slip grip!

I was thrilled with all the products I received to review. Another great advantage to shopping with Bugalug Baby is their Clip Of The Month Club. When you join, you will receive one great hair clip every month for a year. Plus, as an exclusive member, you will have first dibs at new styles, popular retired styles and exclusive styles for members only. As well, you will receive coupons and discounts from monthly sponsors, and be automatically entered to win some fabulous items. Membership is only $50, plus $15 for shipping for the entire year!

I love that this company is not only Canadian, but also based in my home province of Alberta. I love supporting local companies and Bugalug is only about two hours away from me! The customer service is superior and shipping is really quick!

Any of the items from Bugalug Baby would be perfect gifts for any little girl in your life. I highly recommend Bugalug and give them a huge thumbs up!

You can find Bugalug Baby online through Facebook and Twitter! As well, Bugalug is in 400 stores in five countries! Check here for a store near to you!

BUY IT: Head over to Bugalug Baby today and shop right online! 

Enter the code: HEART and receive 10% off the purchase of the Clip Of  The Month membership!

***Thank you to Erica at Bugalug Baby for providing me with the above complimentary items for the purpose of review on this blog***

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