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Escaping The Cauldron Blog Tour

About The Book:

What would prompt a woman who had been a Christian for twenty-nine years to abandon her faith and embrace the occult; becoming a witch, medium, and ghost hunter for eight years?

Escaping the Cauldron: What You Should Know about the Occultdetails the personal journey of Kristine McGuire and how God restored her to faith in Jesus Christ. The book also examines the current upswing of interest in the paranormal and its effect on Christians. The first book in the Escaping the Cauldron series, this book will give the reader insight into the occult from the vantage point of one who's been there.

About The Author:

I was raised in a traditional Christian home and was six years old when I first learned Jesus wanted to save me from my sins and be my friend. I said yes to his offer and asked him into my life.
However, there were other influences in my life. By the time I was nine years old I wanted to be a fortune teller when I grew up. I have no idea how I learned about palm or card reading, but I found it fascinating. My friends and I would pretend to be psychic. We would have “séances” at our sleepovers and tell ghost stories. Try seeing the face of “Bloody Mary” in the mirror, or levitate each other with our fingertips.

As a teenager I learned the Bible warned against these practices. I didn't want to offend God, so I stopped participating in occult games and seeking psychic experiences. I devoted myself to God, went to college, where I met and eventually married a Christian man.

We both loved God and were very active in church. However, some how over the years I lost something in my relationship with Christ. I became very legalistic. Forgetting the mercy and grace of my Savior. Replacing a relationship with God for strict religion.

Over time as I tried to become godly through my own efforts, I became angry, depressed. This began affecting all of my relationships but most especially the one with my husband. I couldn’t live up to the demands of religiosity, and neither could he. Eventually I stopped reading the Bible, gave up on prayer. Going to church became a rote exercise for both of us.

I came to the conclusion that Christianity wasn’t working for me. I believed I could never be "good enough" to meet the standards of perfection I believed were necessary to please God. So after twenty-nine years in the church…I left.

Being a person of faith, however, I knew I couldn’t live in a spiritual vacuum. Jumping feet first into the spiritual unknown I decided to explore Wicca. I began to study anything I could find on the religion and the practice of witchcraft. Surfing the internet, I started joining pagan message boards to ask questions. Making friends with those who could answer my questions.

Soon I committed myself to witchcraft. Embracing it as a new spiritual path. Not only did this affect me, but my family. Initially I hid my practices from my husband…who was going through his own emotional and spiritual struggles…but eventually I left our marriage. I thought I'd found freedom, and that included freedom from him. At this time I also began exploring psychic development. Eventually becoming a Clairesentient Medium and ghost hunter.

Several years into my new spirituality I still questioned if what I was doing was wrong. I would waffle between trying to be a Christian, only to go back to witchcraft soon after. So I decided to bring my past faith into the current practice, I began culling from both Christianity and witchcraft….taking what I liked, and leaving the rest behind.

As odd as it sounds, I became a Christian Witch. Worshiping Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…going to church…all the while privately practicing the rituals and magick of The Craft. I believed I'd found the answer. My husband and I…after several separations…were even able to come back together.
As I look back now I realize how gracious and patient God was with me as I wrestled with my beliefs. He never stopped calling or reaching out to me. Eventually, through a rather odd circumstance, God’s truth broke through the malaise and set me free. Confessing my sin and renouncing all I had done over those long years, I recommitted my life completely to Jesus Christ. My life and faith was restored.

The journey was dark and difficult, but I'm thankful for having lived through it. Now I'm firmly set in the center of God's will. No matter where I go from here, I will serve Him. My prayer is God will use my experiences to bring Him glory. Reveal the truth of His never ending mercy, grace, and forgiveness to all. Encouraging anyone who might be on a similar journey to never stop seeking Him.

Author Interview:

What is the book about? 

The book is part testimony of how I went from committed, albeit legalistic, Christian for twenty-nine years to witch, medium, and ghost hunter for eight years before God restored my faith and life. It details my personal struggle with trying to be "the perfect Christian" while being drawn to the Occult from childhood. The book is also a Biblical study that examines the current pop-cultural interest in the occult (in particular ghosts, hauntings, and mediums) and how this interest is affecting Christians as well as their beliefs about the supernatural.
Why call it Escaping the Cauldron? 

This is actually the first book in a series, What Christians Need to Know about the Occult. It is a series of collections written from my former experiences as a witch, medium, and ghost hunter. This book is primarily about ghost hunting, mediumship, and the paranormal but I chose "Escaping the Cauldron" as the main title because witchcraft was truly my entry into the arena of occult interest and exploration including such things as divination, psychic ability, spirit guides, mediumship, ghost hunting, etc.

What do you think is the most important chapter of the book? 
I think there are many important chapters but "Spiritual Warfare" and "How Should Christians Respond?"are the two which take everything discussed in the previous chapters bringing it all together, helping the reader understand their authority in Jesus Christ and leading the way to a ready defense for any kind of paranormal or supernatural event they may experience in their life as a Christian.
What do you hope to accomplish with this book?

I hope to inform and equip Christians with information about the occult. Additionally I pray the church will begin to acknowledge the presence of the spiritual world around us and listen to people who come forward with stories or claims of paranormal experiences without dismissing them immediately. When the church refuses to listen or offer any Biblical assistance, many people are forced to seek help elsewhere. This generally means seeking out ghost hunters, mediums, and psychics. I also hope to encourage Christians who may be questioning their faith to seek a deeper relationship with God, especially if they are stuck in a form of legalism. Our answers truly can be found in Jesus Christ.

Where is the book currently available to purchase? 

The book is available in paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon. The book is also available in paperback and e-book editions at my blog site: Kristine ReMixed at www.KristineMcGuire.com and Lulu Publishing.
How are you available to the Christian community?
I write a daily blog, Kristine ReMixed at www.KristineMcGuire.com, on a variety of topics including faith, marriage, prayer, spiritual gifts, and the occult. I also work with my husband through Big Fish Ministries at www.BigFishMinistries.com, ministering through speaking with him at church and para-church events about marriage, facilitating seven day or special event prayer rooms, helping the homeless, etc. I am also available to speak at any youth, women's, or church events on a variety of Christian topics.

My Review:

When I was first given the chance to review this book, I was a little leary because I really do not like reading books about the occult and witchcraft. However, this was an extremely enlightening look into the wold of the occult and witchcraft. You will be taken on a journey of a woman who went from one extreme to another, from legalistic Christianity to the world of occultism. It is well-written and a wonderful example about far God's hand goes to save His children. Even when we don't think we can escape our bad situations, He brings us through it and extends grace even though we don't deserve it. I look forward to reading the rest of the series by Ms. McGuire.

***I received a complimentary copy of this book courtesy of the author and Christian Speaker Services. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any other manner***

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  1. Hi Shirley. I wanted to stop by and say how much I appreciate you being part of the blog tour. I'm so glad that you found the book to be helpful and informative. My prayer is more Christians will take the chance and that God will be honored. Many blessings!