Sunday, August 15, 2010

Homeschooling In Our Future?

So my oldest will be four in October and we have her registered at the local preschool in our town. She starts on September 8th! She is really excited about going to school, and I love the idea that she gets out of the house for a couple hours, three times a week. We initially decided to send "M" to preschool because she has an incredibly hard time with large groups of people sometimes and thought that introducing to the concept of school the year prior to formal schooling might help.

That said, I have been thinking a lot about homeschooling the girls. I already do a lot of informal homeschooling, particularly with "M". We use workbooks (she loves doing "homework"), read a ton of books together, I have made a ton of activities (workboxes) to work with her, she practices her printing already, and so much more.

 She is not quick four, but can recite the alphabet (has for a while), recognizes most of the letters of the alphabet (particularly her those in her name), is printing several letters, is starting to recognize numbers, is now learning the sounds of letters, knows her shapes and colors, can use a zipper, buckle and snap pretty well. She also counts to 20 (always skips 18 for some reason). She does struggle with using scissors so that is one fine motor skills we work on a lot right now. I run a home daycare, so without her realizing it, I am homeschooling, because I do a daily circle time, teach concepts like days of the week, months, seasons, etc. Little sister "I" is already picking up on a lot of the same skill building, counting to 10, singing her ABC's, recognizes 3 colors and 4 shapes, and also loves to read! Both girls thrive at pretend play as well.

As I realized that I already do homeschooling, I am thinking about what I can do for "M's" Pre-K year. She will be attending a preschool for 2.5 hours, three times a week, so when she is home those afternoons I don't want to overdo her learning time. So I think on the days she is not at preschool, I will use curriculum to build on what she will be learning at Preschool.

As far as curriculum, I have decided to use Before Five In A Row. I love the fact that it is literature based. I am a huge book lover, and that has clearly passed on to my children. They would sit for hours with me reading to them, if I let them. Not a back idea, but there are so many other ways to add to their love of reading! And Before Five In A Row will help me do that. I already own five of the books used in BFIAR, so that was also a key reason for using this curriculum. The other books in the curriculum are wonderful sounding and I have already figured out places I can pick them up without costing me a fortune.  I am also going to be using Handwriting Without Tears, and the Bible curriculum from ABC Jesus Loves Me

As we work through BFIAR, I will evaluate it and see if it works for us. I will also evaluate how formal schooling is working for "M" and then after Christmas we will make the decision whether to formally homeschool "M" for Kindergarten next fall. My husband and I of course need to be on the same page, and praying about such a huge decision is a must. I also have to heed to him as head of our household. So whatever he decides, in the end will be the way that we go.

In the coming months I will update you all on how Before Five In A Row is working for us, and I will blog about some of the fun activities we do! I am looking forward to it and can't wait to see how things turn out!

Do you homeschool your preschooler? If so, what curriculum, if any, do you use?


  1. Thank you for linking up to Show me your curriculum! Hope to see you link up next Monday 8/23 to Show me your classroom & homeschool organization! Enjoy your week! :)

  2. I have heard so many great things about the 5 in a row program! Pray about the journey you want to go on, and follow your heart! That first year was the hardest for me, to really KNOW that it was the right thing. I am at peace now that we are doing exactly the right thing. I love homeschooling!