Monday, August 23, 2010

My Home Management Binder

Since becoming a Stay-At-Home Mom two years ago, I have been trying out different methods to keep myself and our home organized. I am a huge believer in FlyLady, she has saved my sanity on more than one occassion!

I am also a huge fan of the Home Management Binder system that I have seen mentioned on several blogs. I decided that since I use a Home Management Binder, I would show you mine! In theory, I actually have two binders. One is my Everyday Binder, and the other one is my Grocery/Recipe Binder. I only have a few photos but they will give you the general idea:)

My Everyday Home Management Binder:

1. Inspiration

In this section, I have my personal philosophy for being a SAHM:

"Learing to Live a Simple Life, being a keeper of the home, obedient to my husband (Titus 2:4-5), Teacher of my children (Proverbs 6:20-24), All for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31)" with each verse typed out in detail for quick reference.

I also have Proverbs 31:10-30 from The Amplified Bible typed out as inspiration for me. This is one of my favorite passages from The Bible. Although I am not a perfect Proverbs 31 woman, wife and mom, this is the woman I strive to be.

As well I have A Women's Rules To Live By. I found this on a blog about a year ago, but unfortunately, I cannot find the source. If it is from you, or you know where it is from, please let me know so I can properly cite the blog!

Finally, I have a list entitled Ways To Say "I Love You". It has been a great reference for showing affection to my husband in loving and tangible ways!

2. Daily Schedule

My Daily Schedule consists actually of two separate schedules. I run my own home daycare, so I have that schedule to follow, as my as my typical daily schedule for my family. As well, starting at the end of September, I will be homeschooling my oldest, so I will be incorporating a schedule for her schooling within the daycare schedule. I purposely planned home school lessons that could double as daycare activities, with the idea that I will tweek and change things as I need to.

I awaken at 5:30 daily and spend time in devotions, get ready for the day, go over what I need to accomplish and make a grand list to follow.

3. Household Cleaning

This section includes a detailed cleaning list for each area of my home. I also have a Spring/Fall cleaning list, recipes for household cleaners, and a stain remover guide.

4. Health

In this area, I have a clear plastic paper cover that I use to hold all of my family's health care cards and birth certificate, as well as immunization cards. I also have a list of any major hospitalizations, and medical issues for each person in the family.

I am planning on adding a section within this section to keep track of my personal weight loss journey

5. Finances

In this section, I have included a monthly budget form, articles about frugal living, and my bill organizer.

6. Bible Study

Here I have included my Bible Reading Plans (currently I am following Bible In 90 Days), Prayers for my Children from Victoria Osteen, 31 Days Of Prayer For My Husband from Revive Our Hearts, Bible Order For The Family (not sure where I found this but it is really good), A Study Guide from Mars Hill Church (Mark Driscoll) on the book of Luke (He is working through a 3 year sermon series on Luke), and finally an ABC Memory Verse List of verses that I going to start teaching my children

7. Christmas Planning

In this area, I have a chart that I designed to keep track of the people I need to shop for, the idea for a gift/gift bought, if it has been bought, the cost, and if it needs to be shipped (and if it has been shipped). I also have a similar list for sending Christmas cards. I also included ideas for gift ideas for grandparents, family advent/Christmas countdown ideas, decorating ideas, and meal ideas. I typically will collect ideas over the year and then sort through what I will use in the current year.

8. Birthday Planner

Here I have a list of each family member, with room under their name to add ideas for gifts. For my girls I will record their clothing sizes, and interests so that if family asks I have a quick reference. I also keep an envelope for birthday invites, and party ideas. For example, right now I have included Dora and Strawberry Shortcake party ideas, since these are the fave characters of my girls currently. I also have a list of all the birthdays in our family, so that I have quick reference for sending birthday cards, emails, or phone calls.

9. Projects

Currently, my husband and I are renovating our basement so in this area, I have taken ideas from magazines or the internet for reference. I will weed through them every so often, deciding what is realistic and economical for us. I have also included project ideas for the yard and for the kids.

10. Holiday Planner

I have this section as a way to keep track of ideas for family vacations or fun activities to do in our community as a family. For example, we are planning to do a driving vacation to Vancouver, BC next August. I have already figured out how many Airmiles we need for admission to the Greater Vancouver Aquarium and Zoo, so that we can start saving them. I have included info about seasonal events in our Province of Alberta, and info about family friendly hotels.

11. Product Reviews

Here I have a list of the current reviews I am working on for my blog. I also have a list of contacts I have previously worked with, and those I am currently waiting for the product to come in the mail.

12. Book Reviews

Here I have a list of publishing companies and the books I am currently reading or waiting for to arrive in shipping. I also have a calendar to keep track of blog tours or specific dates that I will post reviews.

13. Family & Friends Phone Book

I update this area as needed to keep track of addresses, phone/fax numbers and emails/websites of family and friends.

My Household Management Binder is ever evolving and changing, as the needs of my family and business change. My Recipe Binder includes my grocery list, menu planning forms, and family favorite recipes.

We have recently decided to incorporate Home Schooling into our family. My daughters and almost four and two years old. I will be using Before Five In A Row with both of them, as well as incorporating this curriculum within my home daycare. I already had a file folder system going for the daycare, and am using the same system for Homeschooling. That is why there is not a section in my Home Management Binder for education.

Please know that this binder has been in the making for a couple years now, and I change it at least a couple times a year, depending on the needs of my family/business. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

QUESTION: Do you use a Home Management Binder or System? If so, if you have blogged about it, leave me the link. I would love to be inspired by how you run your home!

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  1. This is a great idea. Thank you for the inspiration!!! I'm going to try to implement something like this into my life, which is currently in chaos!