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Potty Praiser Potty Training System: A Review

With a two year old and a 3.5 year old, I have been dealing with toilet training for a little over a year now.

My oldest trained very easily, with starting to show interest in sitting on the potty at around 16 month old. She day time trained in only three days, and took about three months to night time train. She only has the occasional accident, usually when playing and "forgets" to go.

My two year old started showing signs of being ready for toilet training when she was also 16 months. She loves to sit on the potty, and every once in a while she will actually do something. She is starting to stay dry longer and will tell us when she is wet or dirty, so we have decided that she is now ready to start full time potty training.

I recently found a great eco-friendly toilet training tool, that is also Canadian made! Please let me introduce you to KinderSpirit Creations and their great product, Potty Praiser Potty Training System.

About KinderSpirit Creations:

KinderSpirit Creations is run by two women, Vanessa and Deborah. Here are their biographies from the website:

About Vanessa:

I am a mom of two children. When my son was born my daughter turned 11 months old. Parenting is the hardest job we have. As parents we learn at lightning speed and our best teachers are our children.Tired Doggie

Within the first month of my son's life I was changing about 12 - 15 diapers a day. That's when it struck me that my children along with my self unknowingly were contributing to our unhealthy environment. After learning how much our daily refuse was affecting our environment I began to use cloth diapers. Which was the best change I ever made for everyone.

My daughter began potty training before she was two and I felt there needed to be better options. At that point I, along with the help of my mother-in-law, designed our own line of potty training underpants that was environmentally friendly and didn't look or feel like a diaper. When toddlers are potty training they need to feel that they are making a huge accomplishment and need to be praised-which is where underpants come in and the cloth diapers go out. At that point we began to design the Potty Praiser® Training System. 

I wanted to make training pants that would be effective as well as practical. Which is why we designed the removable Hemp liner. This comfortable, soft liner insert absorbs the toddler's accident, allowing them to feel the wetness and letting the parent remove the liner and replacing it with another, while keeping the same underpants.

Group PhotoI feel that my training pants are reliable, comfortable, encouraging and designed to provide toddlers with the coverage they need. Along with the Potty Praiser® Training Pants, I have designed the Potty Praiser®Sticker Chart. No toys, no candy, no bribing needed. These wonderfully illustrated charts capture the interest of children and they thrive on picking a sticker while strategically placing on the charts. To interest a toddler further we have included our non-toxic doodle pen. This encourages your toddler to become more involved in this experience by creating their own art design on the training pants and liners. The drawing will disappear on the liner when it becomes wet; but if it is dry, the toddler will learn the drawing stays. When the underpants are washed the drawings are removed and your toddler can start all over again. Children respond to colourful illustration, praise and simplicity. With all of those in mind I have created this wonderful line of the Potty Praiser® 

I believe my Potty Praiser®Training System and products are ideal for parents and their children as it is successful, fun and memorable. 

About Deborah:

I am the mother-in-law and proud grandma of two terrific children.
DeborahMy daughter-in-law Vanessa and son Christopher had two children less than a year apart! They were both in diapers at the same time and it was easy and convenient to buy the disposables. Vanessa's good friend was selling and designing her own line of cloth diapers, so Vanessa decided to give them a try. The children loved them and so did we! We were not feeling guilty anymore about throwing diapers into the landfills. Which most of don't realize how long they take to breakdown, very shocking! 

It then became time to potty train Vanessa's oldest - Sydney. She was ready and showing all the signs before the age of two years old. Pull ups again were a easy choice but your back to throwing them in the landfills and sometimes your child can go through 3+ pull ups in a day. Too much unnecessary waste. At this point Vanessa and I put a lot of thought and hard work into designing our own natural and washable training pants. We have taken this a step further and made the 
Potty Praiser® Training System which encourages the toddler and parent (and grandparents too!) to make this experience joyful and positive. 

We are so proud of our Earth Friendly Products and hope you enjoy them too.

About Potty Praiser Potty Training System:

We are excited to announce that Potty Praiser® has been awarded the Influential PTPA Media Inc's Seal of Approval for excellence in parenting products.

The NEW Earth Friendly way to potty train your toddler!

The Potty Praiser® Training System includes 2 Potty Praiser®Washable Hemp Liners, 1 Potty Praiser® Training Pant, and a Magic Doodle Pen
How Potty Praiser® Works.....
Laughing Use the non-toxic pen to draw a happy face on the hemp liner.
Laughing Snap the natural absorbant hemp liner into the underwear.
Laughing The drawing will disappear when wet; but if it is dry, the child will learn the drawing stays. It is also fun to draw on the underpants too! It will come off when washed and you can start all over again.
Laughing This process helps the toddler to remember to use the potty. Encourage them to check their drawing! Is the doodle still there?
Surprised When the hemp liners becomes wet, the toddler will instantly feel a cool sensation, allowing them to reconize that they have just peed.
Laughing Potty training works when it's fun! 

**Small 20-30 lbs Medium 30-40 lbs  Large 35-45 lbs X-Large 40-60lbs

**Training Pants are form fitting with a comfortable stretch. If your child weights 35 lbs and has a slender body type, select medium. If your child is 35 lbs and has an average body type, select large. 

Potty Praiser® is Proudly Made in Canada 

My Review:

 When we first tried out the Potty Praiser underpants on my daughter, she honestly did not want to wear them. I think it was more because she was not used to cloth underpants, since we use disposable diapers. I loved the idea of cloth diapering, and we tried it for about a month, but it just did not work for us. However, after attempting to get "I" to wear the Potty Praiser pants, we finally succeded. 

I love this eco-friendly way of potty training. This is a great way to really involve your child in the training process. When we first received this product, I would draw a flower or smiley face on the liner, and then put the pants on "I", telling her to tell mommy when she had to go. We have not been successful thus far with "I" staying dry, but she has really liked getting involved with coloring on the liner. I let her draw on the liner and she is so proud of herself, often saying, "Look, I draw mommy" I can see how this product will definitely help promote a strong self esteem. 

I really like the fit of the pants, and also love that at $32.99 they are a reasonable price that will fit in most mom's budgets! A great alternative to disposable potty training products out on the market today!

Because we have not finished training my daughter, I obviously cannot give a complete review, but I really love the idea of this product and highly recommend it. 

BUY IT: You can purchase the Potty Praiser Potty Training System online here, directly through KinderSpirit Creations. Check here for a list of retail locations near you!

***I received a complimentary Potty Praiser Potty Training System for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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