Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The ESV Study Bible: Book Review

Over the years, I have collected a number of Bibles, all different translations and styles. I received my first Study Bible (NIV) as a high school graduation gift from my parents in 1991 and have loved Study Bibles since then.

 I love having a number of translations so that when I want to really dig deep into scripture, I can compare and contrast verses and have study resources like maps, study notes, and concordances readily available to me. Having a number of Bibles was especially handy as a Bible College student in the mid-1990's. I have the following translations of the Bible in my personal home library: NIV Study Bible, Life Application Study Bible (NIV), Amplified Bible, NASB Study Bible, The Message, King James Version, and a Greek/English Bible.

Recently I had the opportunity to review the ESV Study Bible, published by Crossway Books.

About The ESV Study Bible:

The ESV Study Bible was created to help people understand the Bible in a deeper way. Combining the best and most recent evangelical Christian scholarship with the highly regarded ESV text, it is the most comprehensive study Bible ever published.

The ESV Study Bible features more than 2,750 pages of extensive, accessible Bible resources, including completely new notes, full-color maps, illustrations, charts, timelines, and articles created by an outstanding team of 93 evangelical Christian scholars and teachers. In addition to the 757,000 words of the ESV Bible itself, the notes and resources of the ESV Study Bible comprise an additional 1.1 million words of insightful explanation and teaching-equivalent to a 20-volume Bible resource library all contained in one volume.
  • Size: 6 ½" x 9 ¼"
  • 2,752 pages
  • Single-column Bible text (9-point type); double-column notes (7.25-point type)
  • Black letter text
  • Finest quality European Bible paper
  • Durable Smyth-sewn bindings on all editions
  • Lifetime guarantee on materials and binding on all leather and TruTone® Bibles
The ESV Study Bible is available in print form and online—and the online edition is available free to all who purchase a copy of the print edition. The ESV Online Study Bible provides additional unique features, including the ability to create personal online notes; to search and follow interactive links between notes, maps, articles, charts, timelines, illustrations, and cross-references; to listen to audio recordings of the ESV; and to access additional resources not available in the print edition—all available for free with the print edition.

Access to the ESV Online Study Bible may also be purchased separately from the print edition.

My Review:

This is, by far, the best Study Bible I have used. I have been using it for a few weeks now and am loving it! I recently read through the entire ESV Study Bible as part of the Bible in 90 Days program. For that particular program I used the ESV Online Study Bible, so that I could bookmark portions of scripture that I wanted to go back and study in a deeper fashion. The Online version made it so easy to do that, instead of a ton of pieces of paper, etc. 

The ESV Study Bible is packed full of study notes, maps, full color illustrations and so much more. I have really enjoyed getting back into deeper studies, which I have not really done since my Bible College Days. I believe the Study Notes are superior to any other notes I have used in other Study Bibles. It is like having a mini-commentary set in one Bible. 

The one thing that I love best about the ESV Study Bible is the extensive articles, both at the beginning and end of the Bible. The articles cover topics such as Theology In The New Testament, Archaeology And The Bible, The Original Languages Of The Bible. The Online ESV Study Bible is great for me, because if I am away from home, and don't have my Bible with me (or have a different translation available) I can just go online to read or study. Fantastic!  

The Online Study Bible has 12 different reading plans, and currently I am using the ESV Study Bible Plan which has me reading four scripture passages: three from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. The binding on this Bible is very strong and I know it will last a very long time. Very important as I use it on a daily basis. This will be the perfect Bible to pass on to my children one day. I love that the passages for the day are all in one page so I don't have to switch screens, but can still use the online tools such as notes.

The ESV Study Bible is perfect for any Bible College students, Pastors, and anyone who is wanting to study deeper into God's Word.

The study notes are very well-written and easy to understand, as well as practical for everyday living. The only downfall to me is the size - it is heavy, and therefore not a Bible I would bring along with me to Church on Sunday mornings. As a mom, I have to carry diaper bags, and other items with me, so I typically bring a smaller Bible with me. However, I have used my ESV Study Bible for my weekly Bible Study at church and it is perfect for that, and home studying.

A perfect gift for the upcoming Christmas season, graduation, birthday, or any other gift giving event.

BUY IT: The ESV Study Bible is available in a variety of styles including MP3 format, Leather, Hardcover, and TruTone. Check out Crossway Books for more information. It is also available through your local Christian Bookseller.

***I received a complimentary ESV Study Bible Hardcover Edition courtesy of Crossway books, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not compensated in any other manner***


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