Saturday, October 30, 2010

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Today is Saturday, and that means it is time for Then Sings My Soul Saturday, hosted by Amy at one of my favorite blogs, Signs, Miracles and Wonders. Today I am reflecting back on my marriage and God's impact on it.

As November 8, 2010 approaches I am brought back to a time 13 years ago when I stood at the front of a church, in front of family and friends and married my Bible College sweetheart. Next to the birth of my daughter's it was the best day of my life.

Fast forward 13 years and it has been a journey to say the least. We have lived in three Provinces in Canada, I survived cancer, infertility and a preemie birth/NICU stay, and many other trials along the way. But by far, the hardest part of the journey has been in the last three years. Until recently, neither of us wanted to admit there was an issue in our marriage but there was. Divorce has never been an option for us, but we were close. Closer than I ever dreamed we would be.

However, God has been faithful, and continues to be faithful. He has helped us realize what we BOTH needed to do to change to make things right. Not just to improve our marriage but restore it and make it thrive. We have made significant changes and are so much better for it. Through the last year I have realized that both my husband and I were on journey's. The only problem was we were travelling separately instead of together.

Now that we have realized this, the journey is filled with less turbulence and more smooth sailing. But it was not without waiting, and as hard as it was, the waiting had to happen.

One thing I have realized is that I would go anywhere with my husband. Despite the valley's and hard times, I am his and he is mine, put together by God 14 years ago, and united in marriage almost 13. Are there parts of the journey I wish we would could have avoided, absolutely. However, it is because of those pit stops along that way that we are who were are: as individuals, as a couple and as a family.

The first song I want to share reminds me that I will go with my husband on this journey of marriage no matter what it brings: good or bad, and that God is with us on that journey.

The second is one that I listened to a lot as I waited for answers about where our marriage was going. I knew that while I waited for healing and reconciliation to occur I still needed to focus on God and my relationship with Him. He brought us together and I knew that He would keep us together as long as both us focused on Him. This journey has been not just  to bring us back to each other, but to bring us back to Him. While we waited for positive changes to occur in our marriage, God was patiently waiting too. I am so glad He has worked through both of us and our marriage.

Finally, the third song is one of our favorites, and quite possibly "our song". It speaks to us on such amazing levels that we can't listen to it without tears.

"It Doesn't Matter What You've Heard, Impossible Is Not A Word, It's Just A Reason Not To Try" Kutless

"I will serve you while I'm waiting, I will worship while I'm waiting...though it's painful, I will wait" John Waller

"No matter how deep a valley you go through, I will go there with you" Steven Curtis Chapman

Thank you Jesus for being there for both of us as we have journey through the first 13 years of marriage and despite the hard time, I am so thankful for all you have taught us, especially in the waiting!"


  1. Congratulations on 13 years of marriage.
    My favorite song of those three is:
    `What Faith Can Do`

  2. Stephen Curtis Chapman is one of my favorite singers. He and his family has such a testimony. Even through tragedy they held onto God and let His glory come through it.
    Love, love, love What Faith Can Do. I love hearing it while in the car and singing it as loud as I can. Gives me chills everytime.

  3. I am following your blog from the 2011 Dream Team!~ Tara