Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cheerios Milestone Get-Together Time!

As a mom and Early Childhood Educator, I am very aware of the importance of nutrition in the development of young children. As a member of Mom Central Canada, I was able to participate in a Cheerios Milestone Get-Together during the month of November. 

About The Cheerios Milestones Get-Togethers:

Whether it’s discovering first finger foods, saying their first word, or jumping up on their own two feet for the first time, children’s milestones deserve to be cherished. Cheerios has always been a part of special moments like these, and this fall has created a reason to celebrate capturing these moments.
Commemorate your little one’s milestones with Cheerios! Mom Central is proud to announce the Cheerios Milestones contest. You could see your little one featured on a special edition Cheerios Box and possibly even win $10,000 towards an RESP from TD Canada Trust!
My Cheerios Milestones Get-Together:
As a home daycare provider I decided to have my Cheerios Milestones Get-Together with my daycare children, as well as my two children. In total, our get-together included 7 children and 7 moms. It lasted about two hours, and fun was had by all. The children ranged in age from 2 - 4 years.
I received a fantastic kit, courtesy of Mom Central Canada and Cheerios:
***A Special box of Cheerios, featuring the Milestones program
***Cheerios Tot Containers for my guests
***Sesame Street Platinum Hits CD
***Paper and Crayons for crafts
***$20 Prepaid President's Choice Card to pick up snacks and refreshments
***Two Cheerios Playbooks 
I use learning centers as part of my home daycare, and so the day of the get-together we just incorporated these learning centers. 
1. Create A Necklace Station
Each child was given a piece of yarn and a bowl of Cheerios, to thread and make a necklace. This provided a fantastic opportunity to build fine motor skills and snack at the same time. 
2. Cheerios Sort and Count
I used a box of the Fruity Cheerios and gave each child a bowl full. Previous to the party starting, I had pre-cut clean egg cartons with the colors of the cereal in the bottom of each cup. Then the children could sort the Cheerios by color, and count how many of each color they had. Again, they had the opportunity to "taste-test" as they played.
3. Cheerios Dice Game
This is a game I did with the four year olds, while the other children played with other centers. Each child starts out with a pile of 25 cheerios. Each child takes turns throwing a dice and counts the number on the die. They then have to move that number to the middle pile. The first person to get rid of their 25 Cheerios wins. You can also do the opposite, by putting a pile of Cheerios in the middle and the first person to get 25 in their own bowl wins. 
We had a great time, with yummy snacks too, including a trail mix made with Cheerios, chocolate chips, raisins and pretzels; served with milk and apple slices.  A great time was had by all.
Check out Cheerios today for healthy eating and lifestyle tips, as well as recipes for the whole family.

****I received a Cheerios Milestones Get-Together Kit as party of my involvement with Mom Central Canada. All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not compensated in any other manner***

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