Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rust DVD: Movie Review

About The Movie:

A Journey Home. A Faith Restored.

As a crisis of faith rocks his life’s calling, former minister Jimmy Moore returns to the place he called home half-a-lifetime ago. Very little has changed in this small farming town … except for everything that he’s ever known.
He returns to find a community reeling from a recent tragic fire that took a family’s life and placed Jimmy’s best friend in a psychiatric prison.

While Jimmy’s pastoral mentor challenges him to not lose faith, his disappointed father wonders why his son always runs from challenges. Can Jimmy find the resolve—and the clues—to get to the bottom of the mysterious fire and clear his friend Travis?

Will any good come from the ashes of this tragedy? When things look their bleakest, Travis reminds Jimmy that, “God has His plan … you should know that better than anyone.”

Filmed in Kipling, Saskatchewan, Rust stars L.A. Law’s Corbin Bernsen , who also wrote and directed the film. The real-life citizens of Kipling were cast in supporting roles.

A unique story of friendship and calling, Rust is a mystery that will leave you seeking the power of grace, the beauty in sacrifice, and the hope of faith renewed.

Corbin Bernsen is Jimmy Moore. Well known for his Emmy-and Golden Globe-nominated performance as Arnie Becker in L.A. Law - and as Henry Spencer in Psych - Corbin Bernsen also has made a name for himself as a writer, director, and producer of independent films. He wrote, directed, and co-produced RUST.

In 2006, the town of Kipling, Saskatchewen (pop.1,100), put itself on the map and in the news by trading a two-story house on its main street for a part in an upcoming feature film. The trade was made with the "Red Paper-Clip Blogger", Kyle McDonald, who made news himself with his quest to begin with a single red paper clip and trade up to a home. Along the way, he traded a unique, collectible snow globe for a role in a film produced by Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law, Psych). The residents of Kipling not only traded the house, they formed a production company, raised a quarter-million dollars and helped produce RUST, a mystery of faith lost and restored. RUST debuted on DVD in October 2010 from Affirm Films and Provident Films.

My Review:

Rust was a fantastic movie! I love that it is filmed in Canada, and that it allowed a small town to build its dreams, and even included many of the local people in the film. The storyline was fantastic, and I love how well-developed the characters were. As I watched the film, there were many times in the movie that I felt, "hey that could be me or someone I know". The movie was unlike many "Hollywood hits", in that you could relate to most of the characters and life experiences from which the movie was drawn on. A heartwarming movie that will be a part of my movie collection for some time to come.

If you are looking for a great family film that has life lessons that will cross generations you need to check out Rust today.

BUY IT: You can purchase Rust online, through Amazon.com

***I received a complimentary copy of this DVD, courtesy of Lovell-Fairchild Communication, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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