Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Reaction

Yesterday I posted about a certain Etsy shop that was selling some really horrible greeting cards. Without rehashing everything again, I suggested that my readers, followers and fellow bloggers join forces and boycott this particular shop. I also went so far as to suggest boycotting Etsy as a whole due to their lack of position with this seller. I have seen comments on Etsy forums, on Facebook, Twitter and especially left here on my blog. Some comments I have purposely not posted due to the fact that people wrote them anonymously or the comments were malicious or hurtful. That is my choice.

Now I realize that boycotting Etsy, as a whole, does hurt those shops who are have fantastic products and I am very sorry for that. As I have said, once Etsy steps up to the plate, I will be back. For those commenters who have asked "did you pray about this?", the answer is a resounding yes! I have thought long and hard about this situation and I stand by my original statements. Clearly not a popular opinion, but nonetheless, an opinion.

It was not my intention to judge, but to bring awareness to the masses. In doing so, I know I offended many people and for that I am truly sorry, and ask for your forgiveness.

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  1. dont apologize for having an opinion or taking a stance. anyone that disagrees with you is a completely heartless ass.

    merry christmas!