Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be My Valentine - Marriage Challenge

Wow, can you believe Valentine's Day is only 25 days away? Well it is, and this year is very special to me. In the last two years there have been a couple of opportunities to give up on our marriage, but God is a healing God and gave us all the strength we have needed to overcome our human nature, teach us forgiveness and help us move forward to have a stronger marriage because of the storms we have experienced.

During the last few months I have really dug deep and thought about what my marriage means to me. I know from scripture that I, as a woman, was designed in God's image and to be a helper to man. It has only been in the last few months that I have really relished the "help-mate" title.

Today I found out that Courtney over at Women Living Well has a 25 Day Challenge for marriages! It is called Be My Valentine Marriage Challenge. You can check out all the details here.

Well, it is week 1 in the challenge and here is the plans, according to Courtney:

"Week 1 starts TODAY! Look for ways to praise your husband verbally.Praise him in front of the kids, friends, family, co-workers, on facebook, tweet it - get praise out anyway you can! Try to mention something noteworthy he has done - in his role as provider, father, husband, lover, or friend. If the thought of trying to come up with one terrifies you, then pray right now that God will give you new eyes to see your husband as God does. Then open your mouth and say something kind and uplifting to your husband today and tomorrow and the next day until Valentine's Day arrives!(if you want a devotional to go along with this Nancy Leigh Demoss has an amazing Marriage Pdf here)"

I am so excited about this challenge and hope you are too! I already praised my hubby on my Facebook status, and planning on speaking words of praise to him later today, when he is home from work! I love the look I see on his face when he feels good about himself and I want him to know just how much he loves me everyday, not just on his birthday, Valentine's Day or our anniversary!

Will you join in the challenge to praise your husband over the next 25 days! I hope so!

Be blessed today and always!

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  1. I just found about this challenge today and am looking forward to participating! Like you, I hope to verbally encourage my husband this week. Putting it on your Facebook status is a great idea!