Friday, January 7, 2011

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Wow, I cannot believe it is a new year!

2010 went way to fast, and so much went on in my life during the past year - both good and bad. I have been stretched in my life as never before. As a mom, woman of God and as a wife. Especially as a wife!

As I prayed about a theme for my life for 2011, the first thing that came to my mind was discipline. As I prayed about this, it became clearer to me that this is the direction I am supposed to concentrate on this year: discipline in my spiritual life (prayer, devotions, bible reading, etc), exercise, healthy eating, spare time, and generally in all areas of my life.

As I go through 2011, I want my life to resonate HIM in all I do. I want to be an example of HIM in my actions and my words, in my interactions to those around me, and even as I sit and read my Bible and memorize scripture. It is only through HIM that I will be the best mom, wife and woman after God's own heart in 2011 and beyond!

It is my prayer that He will continue to bless me beyond all measure and I know that He will give me all the strength I need to do all He has planned for me this year.

Be Blessed!


  1. i too want my life to reflect Christ's character, thank you for sharing this, it reminds me to always prioritize my relationship with Him.

    Love the song and casting crowns!

  2. I really love this song, Shirley! Great choice to begin 2011

  3. Blessings my friend!
    May God bless you this year and beyond!

  4. Happy New Year! THanks for sharing this song... I dont thing I have ever heard it before!
    Have a blessed week!