Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Organically Grown Review

About Organically Grown:

Driven by our positive spirit, and heartfelt commitment to a healthy planet, we founded Organically Grown. We were raised to believe that we could make a difference, and affect real change in the world. We believe in your right to affordable, safe, stylish, high-quality organic products from apparel and home d├ęcor, to personal care items.

The Organic Change:

There is a direct connection between what we wear and the effect it has on the earth. According to the Organic Exchange, an estimated 170 million pounds of pesticides, and 25% of the world's insecticides are used in the production of conventional, non-organic cotton. 7 out of 10 of these pesticides are on the EPA's "known" list of "likely" or "probable" carcinogens. These chemicals result in work-force illnesses, water contamination, and the devastation of farmland. All of the problems are eliminated though organic farming practices. Organically Grown is proud to be a part of the solution.

The Organic Difference:

Organically Grown acts as an educational collective. We sponsor fund-raising events and through the media, we teach consumers about the benefits of living an organic lifestyle.
We are about balance and taking baby steps. We do the best we can today, knowing we will grow with innovation tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference by creating products we are proud of and you are proud to purchase.
Organically Grown supports and sponsors organizations that plant trees in urban settings; promote water conservation; convert conventional cotton fields to organic cotton fields; and reduce the pollution of Southern California’s coastal waters.

Why Organic?:
Organic cotton is grown and harvested using methods that have a low impact on the environment. Organic farmers build, replenish, and maintain healthy soil, which is the foundation of the food chain. In addition, organic cotton farmers do not use toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO seeds.
  • Seeds: Organic farmers use only untreated seeds, and no seeds containing GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Soil & Water: Using crop rotation to build strong soil, organic farms are able to retain more water without intensive irrigation.
  • Weeds & Pests: Farmers can keep weeds and pests away from their crop in many different ways without resorting to harsh chemicals. They maintain the natural balance between pests and their natural predators using healthy soil, beneficial insects, and trap crops.
  • Harvest: Instead of defoliating using toxic chemicals, organic farmers rely on the natural freeze to defoliate.

Organic cotton is improving the health of farmers by preventing and reducing pesticide poisoning of farmers and their families. Aerial spraying of pesticides can drift through the air onto farm workers, as well as neighboring wildlife and communities.
According to the Organic Trade Association, 99% of cotton farmers are located in the developing world, and so they are the most affected by the problems brought on by traditional farming methods. In India, one of every ten pesticide applications result in three or more reported health symptoms related to pesticide exposure.

Organically Grown has made the commitment to bring you safe, affordable, and stylish products made of 100% certified organic cotton. For your family and your planet, make the switch to organic cotton today

My Review:

I had the opportunity to review a beautiful Organic Cotton Coverall for girls and it is absolutely adorable! The pattern is call Winter Friends, and features polar bears, penquins, and igloos with touches of pink, as well as snowflakes.

Cutest winter coverall with embroidered fall and winter characters and "winter friends" assorted patterns. Free of toxins and chemicals to keep your baby safe, and softer than ever before. Comes with decorative padded hanger and 100% cotton guaranteed. You will feel good buying, your baby will feel good wearing it! Makes a wonderful gift as well!

The material is super soft cotton, and the workmanship is awesome. This will make the perfect baby shower, or new baby gift for any little princess in your life! I know that my soon-to-be niece will be so comfortable in this little coverall, and I love that my sister will not have to worry about the baby being exposed to toxins and chemicals found on traditional infant clothing.

If you are looking for an economical ($22.00), environmentally friendly alternative for baby wear, I highly recommend Organically Grown. They provide a wide variety of products, for example coveralls, hats blanket sets, and more for children. As well, they carry a wonderful product line for me and women, and home decor products for your child's room.

I highly recommend this product and give it a huge thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase the Infant Girls Organic Cotton "Winter Friends" Coverall, as well as all Organically Grown products here, on the official website.

***I received a complimentary coverall, for the purpose of review on this blog, courtesy of Organically Grown. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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