Monday, March 28, 2011

20(4)40 Challenge - Day 1

As many of you have noticed, I am loving the challenge I have been given in reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Deliberately recording those things that bless me on a daily basis has been so awesome and I have really enjoyed sharing my 1000 gifts list with you, my readers.

Lenten Challenge

Today, I found the coolest challenge that incorporates the concept of Ann's book, called the 20(4)40 Lenten Challenge. It is hosted by a great blog I recently discovered, A Minute Captured and I cannot wait to jump in! Although the challenge started on the first day of Lent and goes until Easter Sunday, I have decided to still do the challenge. I hope you will to.

1. playing Candyland with my 4.5 year old while her little sister naps

2. time to have a cup of tea while reading my Bible this morning

3. melting snow

4. hugs from my 2.5 yr old daughter

5. snuggles from my little girls

6. curling up on the couch to read with my girls

7. family movie nights

8. a new cookbook

9. warm sun shining through the window of my kitchen

10. praise and worship music that lifts my spirit

11. good morning kisses and hugs

12. the sound of children playing outside

13. an encouraging email

15. making homemade cookies for my family

16. the smell of coffee first thing in the morning

17. hearing my children sing Bible songs

18. good news given to me on the phone

19. hearing the "why" questions from my girls

20. the beauty of Springtime

Won't you join me in this journey as I continue to count my blessings for all that my Lord has given to me each day!

Be blessed,

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