Thursday, March 31, 2011

20(4)40 Challenge - Day 4

Lenten Challenge

This morning I woke up at my normal time of 5:45am, and typically by 6:30am my youngest daughter (2.5yo) greets me with a smile. So when her dad woke up at 7:15 and she still was not awake, I knew she must not be feeling well. Just before he left for work, she waddled out of the room, with bright red checks and announced, "I not feel good mommy!" I checked her temp, gave the meds and spent the next couple hours snuggling with her on the couch.

Certainly, not what was on the agenda for the day, but instead of complaining, I chose to find the gifts that came out of the situation.

As the morning went on, she felt better enough to play and that has allowed me to accomplish a few things, and be reminded of all the gifts I have everyday.

1. praying for my children

2. doing my devotions as the sun comes up

3. completing a full workout with no distractions

4. the smell of coffee brewing

5. books

6. a new blog to follow

7. His peace

8. capturing life on camera

9. praying for a friend

10. being reminded that I am not perfect and that is okay

11. my day planner

12. flexibility to not have to follow my to-do list

13. not complaining all morning

14. a clean kitchen

15. a messy kitchen that is evidence of a productive morning

16. making summer trip plans

17. Oma and Opa babysitting

18. smiles and smooches from my girls

19. being greeted at the door by my puppy

20. watching a favorite tv program

What are you grateful for today....can you think of 20 things you can be grateful for, in spite of the tough stuff happening, or life's interupptions?

Check out A Minute Captured for the 20(4)40 Lent Challenge today!

Be blessed,

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  1. Your list was made all the more beautiful because you choose to see each and everything as a source of gratitiude. You encourage me.