Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Nutrisystem Journey Week 5 Weigh In

Here we are at the end of week 5 on Nutrisystem and it was a great week! Although the week started with me in a panic awaiting my new order of food, I was relieved that I only missed one day of eating exclusively Nutrisytem foods. And I was even more happy that it did not make a difference to my overall weight for the week.

I was able to try a couple new foods this week and I am very happy with the foods that I have eaten. I have also had the opportunity to try out more of the recipes on the Nutrisystem website and they were fantastic! I switched up my exercise program a bit as well this week, using the Walk At Home 4 mile Super Walk DVD three times this week, and doing some free step and free run on the Wii Fit Plus. I am really enjoying my workout times, however, due to a change in my daily schedule, I have to fiddle around with when I am going to do my workouts. I have tried both morning and evening workouts and feel that actually afternoon seems to be the best for me, most of the time. So, afternoons it will be. I have felt that when I get discouraged or don't want to workout, I just switch up what I am doing, and I feel much more inclined to want to do it. Just adding/replacing a segment of walking has made a huge difference in my desires to workout versus not.

Now the information you have all been waiting for: My official numbers for the week!

Starting Weight (January 28, 2011): 174.5lbs (too much!)
Last Week Weight (February 26, 2011): 166.9
Current Weight (March 5, 2011): 165.3lb (getting there!)
Total weekly loss/gain: LOST 2.1lbs!!!
Total Weight loss to date: 9.2lb

I am feeling really great about my progress, and will be sharing a 6 week progress report, complete with photo next week, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you have been contemplating using Nutrisystem, head over to the website and check out all the great information. You will not be disappointed.

Have a great week!

****In return for participating in the Nutrisystem Canada's Blogger Program, I am being provided with free food. In return, I will be blogging about my experience in an honest manner. I have not been compensated in any other manner****

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  1. You are one brave lady Shirley!
    I am so impressed at how you keep up with your blog and facebook. You are truly one of a kind - and very special!