Saturday, March 12, 2011

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Well this week has been one of having a lot of things to do and just feeling like I could not get everything done on my own strength. And that is so true, I can't. It is in the times that I try to do things on my own, that I am very much reminded that it is only with His strength that I can complete the things that He has set out for me to do.

I was also reminded about my word of the year, discipline, this week. One of the ways I wanted to become more disciplined this year was in being still. In the chaos of being a wife and mom, home business owner and all of life in general, I find it very easy to get stressed and worry about all I have to do. And all God requires of me is to put all that "stuff" aside and  "be still and know"

With the devestating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and its effects around the world I was once again reminded that we are so not in control. There was (and is) no way that any human could have known what devestation was going to ensue this week. But God did. As out of control as it all seems, He is in control and always will be.

It is my prayer this week that God's glory will be seem despite the enormous loss and damage seen. It is my prayer that God's people will stand up and help in ways that His glory will shine through. And it is my prayer that in everything that is going on in my own world and around the world, that I will just take time to be still and know.

For more inspiring music, head over and visit Amy at Signs, Miracles and Wonders and check out Then Sings My Soul Saturday!


  1. This is the first I've seen of the Tsunami.
    It is so devastating.

    My heart goes out to all effected by it.

  2. Hope you're able to "be still" this coming week! Good post!

  3. Amen. This verse from Psalm 46 has come up over and over in the past week! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the Hillsong video.