Sunday, April 3, 2011

20(4)40 Challenge - Day 6

Lenten Challenge

This weekend has been a busy one, and yet it has been wonderful. Though stuck inside due to a Spring/Winter Snow Storm (again!) I have really had a blessed weekend. As frustrating as it is to go from grass on the ground to a few inches of snow, I choose to look at it with peace and look for the joy in my life.

1. cup of hot chocolate

2. a warm, handmade (by my MIL) quilt

3. board games

4. giggles

5. watching hockey with the husband

6. watching curling

7. having family over for dinner

8. wool socks

9. falling snow

10. sunshine, despite the cold

11. homemade soup

12. learning a new recipe

13. organizing

14. watching my husband rough house with the girls

15. happy barking from the dog

16. a husband who loves me despite myself

17. questions from kids

18. phone chats with long distance family

19. praying for friends' needs

20. listening to my daughters sing

Do you think about the everyday small gifts that fill your day? If you haven't, I urge you will change your life. Check out One Thousand Gifts from Ann Voskamp and her blog, A Holy Experience and also check out the 20(4)40 Lenten Challenge at A Minute Captured for more inspiration as you find joy in the everyday.

Be blessed,

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