Thursday, April 7, 2011

20(4)40 Challenge - Day 7

So I have been a little MIA the last couple of days, but life has been absolutely nutty in my home the last week.

I went to my church Ladies Bible Study last night and it was so refreshing. I was once again reminded of the the Grace of God, and how much He wants me to be a true woman after His own heart, just as David was. We are just completing Beth Moore's A Heart Like His and I have been so blessed by it. The one thing that keeps coming across to me as I have studied the life of David is that despite his faults and negative choices, God still loved him and used him for His glory.

I often wonder why God would want to use me for His work here on here, and in what capacity, and then I am reminded that He wants to because He loves me and chooses to forgive me, even though I, in my human state, do not deserve it. Right now, I know that God is using me as a witness to my children and my husband, but also to everyone I come in contact with. I have been reminded regularly during the last couple weeks that everything I do or say will make an impact on His Kingdom, and I need to let His Glory shine through in all I do.  I know I am not perfect, but just remembering this daily has been so refreshing to me lately.

Lenten Challenge

Today I am so grateful for:

1. New Life - my sister's baby was born on Tuesday night

2. Doctors - said baby is in NICU in Texas due to a few breathing issues, but blessed by the competent doctors who are working with him, my sister and her husband

3. crisp Spring air first thing in the morning

4. first rain fall of the Spring season

5. Pizza Night

6. Watching Robins in the tree outside my living room window

7. Green Tea

8. a great report from the doctor

9. imagination in playful children

10. giving away too big clothes

11. blue skies

12. Bright and warm sunshine

13. encouraging words

14. a dirty apron as evidence that I have worked hard this morning

15. hearing my four year old recite a Bible verse from memory

16. hearing said four year old sounding out words

17. shadows in the sun

18. sidewalk chalk

19. hopscotch

20. running in the grass after a long winter

Be blessed,

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