Friday, April 15, 2011

20(4)40 Challenge

Lenten Challenge

This week has been a wonderful one for my family and I. I am just in awe of all the wonderful moments I have experienced, expected and unexpected both. As I finished reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I have been transformed and I don't think I will ever take the "small gifts" in my everyday for granted again.

At the beginning of Lent I decided that instead of giving up something, I was going to ADD something. I wanted to add praise and thanksgiving more deliberately each time I felt like I would complain about something. What a wonderful couple weeks it has been for me. I can't say that I did not complain, because I did. However, being more deliberate to see the blessings in the small things has changed my life! I feel like I am a much more positive person and that has been so liberating. To see things as a blessing instead of a curse is something I should have done a long time ago. I am so glad to have discovered Ann's work and how the Lord has worked through her to teach not only me, but many others.

1. having a quiet Friday afternoon with my girls

2. being the patient as my girls pretend to be my "doctor"

3. getting my hair done by my four year old stylist

4. being stretched as I study His word

5. finding a new favorite praise and worship song

6. making pancakes for supper

7. snowballs in April

8. listening to sermons on my ipod touch

9. seeing how the Lord is working in my husband's life

10. finding a great bargin

11. "new-to-me" furniture

12. listening to my girls converse with one another

13. being able to contribute financially to the household yet stay home with the girls

14. paska

15. trying a new flavor of tea - mango peach

16. encouraging words after a tough day

17. learning to let go and let God more often than not

18. visiting with family

19. lessons learned

20. fun packages coming in the mail

Be blessed!

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  1. mother in law was alwyas so patient and let my daughters fix her up as they played "beauty shop" together. It is still one of their fondest memories of her.