Thursday, April 21, 2011

20(4)40 Challenge

As I continue to journey through finding gifts in the everyday small things, as encouraged through One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I have been journaling my gifts throughout this Lent Season. I joined a challenge put forth by a great blog, A Minute Captured and encourage you to check it out today.

Lenten Challenge

Here are my 20 gifts for today:

1. Encouraging news about a family member in the hospital

2. Answered prayers for a friend

3. Imagination in a two year old

4. late night talks with my husband

5. Learning about true Biblical Submission

6. a forecast with little moisture, which will help the flooding crisis in our Canadian Prairies

7. Gentle Breezes

8. Coloring Easter Eggs

9. Reading the Easter Story to my girls

10. Increased patience during the potty training process

11. Sun Rays on my kitchen floor in the early morning

12.  New Tea flavor

13. The sweetness in an orange

14. hearing my nephew crying on the phone for the first time

15. a hard working husband

16. Family

17. a floor swept and mopped

18. muddy paw prints on said clean floor

19. being the patient for my girls "doctor office"

20. beautiful songs of praise about my Savior's sacrifice on the Cross

Be Blessed,


  1. Perhaps I should be taking this challenge as well just since I don't seem to be focusing on all of my blessings lately and the things I'm thankful for.

  2. Great list...two year old imaginations are fun!