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Character Concepts For Preschoolers Basic Curriculum: A Review

About The Curriculum:

The most important thing you can teach your preschooler is character. It lays the foundation for all other learning. In this 36 week course, preschoolers will not only learn 12 basic character qualities, and see them applied in various ways. This curriculum is the result of people asking me what we did with our preschoolers and how to do it. It is very adaptable to your schedule and the individuality of your child.  I LOVED the preschool years of my children. Hope you will too!!

 You may want to also consider the CCFP Resource Pack  for use with your preschooler to assist in instruction for  the academic side of their education.

 *For even better value, you can also purchase this set as part of the CCFP Complete Curriculum Set

This curriculum,  includes 5 BRAND NEW resources, made specifically for this curriculum + 1 oldie but goodie (Hands-on Character building) 

Crossroads of Character: Learning to Make Wise Choices
This colorfully illustrated book teaches your child 12 basic character qualities, vital to your child`s understanding of how to make wise choices in their everyday lives. The Boyer cousins (my grandchildren) are the main characters in the simple but effective stories in decision making.  The goal is to teach your child the definition of the character qualities (your child can`t implement character in their lives without understanding what it is), and also teaches them a Scripture verse, (what God says about it).
History for Preschoolers:Uncle Rick has recorded a CD set with stories of American heroes who also illustrate these character qualities in their lives.We supply a picture of these heroes in our Mom`s Guide so you can show them to your child as they listen to these Uncle Rick character stories.

Learning Character with the Cousins Flashcards:
These flashcards present the Character Qualities found in Crossroads of Character, the Definition, and the Scripture Verse. Full-color pictures on the flashcards also make memorizing easier, as the child will remember the story that is associated with each Character Quality

Learning ABC`s with the Cousins:  A set of photographic flashcards for learning the alphabet sounds

Hands-on Character
Proven ideas and projects for teaching character

Mom`s Guide: Supplies you with information to effectively teach your preschoolers for a full 36 week periodPatterns are given for seasonal and educational crafts. Suggestions are made for family fun trips to help make learning fun ,and as a bonus, over 30 recipes are included for fun food to make with your preschooler.

Also included are Bible stories and pictures of a person in Scripture who illustrates this character quality in their life. Provided for your use are coloring pages for your child to use as you read them the Bible story provided. Also included are additional suggested materials we`ve found helpful for further learning, or even for birthday and Christmas gifts to enhance science and history education as well as educational puzzles for preschoolers, which can be purchased from the Learning Parent.
About The Learning Parent:

Rick and Marilyn Boyer are true pioneers of the home education movement. They began teaching the eldest of their fourteen children at home in 1980 and are still actively home schooling their three youngest children today. Rick and Marilyn have authored several books on home education and Christian parenthood and have spoken at conferences all across America and in several foreign countries. Their books have been translated into a number of foreign languages and have circulated around the world. Their ministry, The Learning Parent, encourages parents through the resources they publish, their speaking ministry, this web site, a monthly newsletter, and their articles, which have been published in several leading home schooling magazines. Marilyn is always appreciated for her keen and warmhearted insights into parenting while Rick, with his humorous, folksy style has been called "the Will Rogers of the home schooling movement."

My Review:

As a Christian mom of two preschoolers I am always looking for ways to incorporate God's Word, and God's teaching in the everyday lives of my children. As a stay at home mom, I have the wonderful opportunity to be able to spend a lot of time with my children and have been informally "homeschooling" them for the last couple years. We have not decided to formally homeschool at this point but I love using all the great curriculum I have found online to teach concepts, Bible Stories, crafts and more. Recently, I had the opportunity to review the Character Concepts For Preschoolers Basic Curriculum from The Learning Parent with great success.

All of the parts of this curriculum are very easy to use and my girls have especially enjoyed the flash cards, and the crafts. I have also really enjoyed the recipes included in the curriculum and used many of them already. I love that I have been able to begin scripture memory with the girls, and teach character education as well. The only thing that we have not really used that much thus far is the history for preschoolers CD's but I do plan to in the future. 

If you are looking for a strong Biblically sound preschool curriculum to use with your children, I highly recommend Character Concepts For Preschoolers from The Learning Parent.

BUY IT: Character Concepts For Preschoolers Basic Curriculum is available online from The Learning Parent for $89.95

***I received a complimentary set of the Basic Curriculum, courtesy of The Learning Parent, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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