Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get Low: A DVD Review

About The Movie:

Get Low, an independent film, executive produced by Robert Duvall, is guaranteed to stir passionate discussions about grace, forgiveness, and free will. This unusual story was spun from accounts of a real 1930's hermit, Felix Bush, who came out of the woods after 40 years to get some things off his chest - at his own funeral - while he was still alive. Get Low offers a unique portrait of one man's astruggle to come to terms iwth his deeds, his inability to accept a free gift of grace, and his attempt to find forgiveness on his terms. He years for and rejects grace in the same breath.

Robert Duvall starts as hermit, Felix Bush; Sissy Spacek as a girl from the past, Maddie Darrow; Bill Murray as Frank Quinn, the undertaker; Lucas Black as Buddy who works at the funeral home and befriends Bush; and Bill Cobbs as the pastor who knows Felix's secret. A Lutheran pastor, Scott Seeke, heard the story from a family member involved in the real incident, and passed it to Chris Provensano, writer of the acclaimed Mad Men TV series. Chris, along with Blood Diamond screenwriter C. Gaby Mitchell wrote the screenplay. Academy Award-winner Aaron Schneider, directed.

My Review:

Beautiful storytelling, fantastic acting with poignant scenes, and themes such as forgiveness and coming to terms with the past, will draw you into this fantastic movie. Robert Duvall has been a favorite of mine for many years and I was not disappointed at all in his performance as Felix. Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek also do a fantastic job in their roles, and the soundtrack does wonders to accompany the acting and story lines.

I highly recommend this movie and give it a thumbs up!

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  1. I hadn't heard of this movie before I read your review but it sounds like a great one. I also love Robert Duvall so I'll be sure to see it.