Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Multitude Monday: My Gratitude List Continues

This past weekend brought another snow storm here in Southern Alberta, and though I could do without snow in April, I was so blessed this weekend. I had some great quality time with my husband and kids, and then we opened our home on Sunday to some of my husband's family for a great time of fellowship and Nachos! So fun!

As I look over the past week, I can honestly say, I definitely looked for the gifts in the small things and journaled about them. This practice, learned from Ann at A Holy Experience has been truly life changing and attitude changing. Not all days are perfect, and complaining still happens but for the most part I am truly a happier person.

Here is my list of the small things that I have found in my everyday this week:

85. Health

86. hearing my children play at bedtime

87. the desire of my children to learn (they can slow down any day:))

88. dishes in the sink as evidence that I provided my family with a healthy and yummy meal

89. smell of chicken soup cooking

90. His Grace

91. His Sacrifice at the Cross

92. His Strength given when I don't have any

93. Bubbles

94. hearing, "you're a great mom" on a hard day

95. hugs

96. doggy kisses

97. prayers answered

98. humility

99. honesty

100. kind words

101. little hands on freshly cleaned windows

102. talking with my mom on the phone

103. listening to hymns to start my day

104. snuggling with my youngest in the early morning hours

105. hearing the sound of geese

106. watching the kids share and take turns

107. watching my oldest help her sister with her zipper

108. receiving four new books in the mail

109. listening to the girls on the phone with their Oma

110. finishing the Bible in 90 program in 83 days

What about you? What small gifts have you found in your everyday life? My list is always ongoing, and I love reading about others' journey through recording our 1000 gifts. If you want to join in, or just be inspired, head over to A Holy Experience today.

Be blessed,


  1. Such great things. I want to make a list now too :)

  2. oh I love this idea...now following you!! need to start a list of my own now!

  3. beautiful list! Blessings, howbeit small, are always there!! =) Have a blessed weekend!