Monday, April 25, 2011

My Nutrisystem Journey Week 12 Weigh In

I am a few days late posting due to the busy Easter weekend, so thought I would post tonight!

Phew, what a week!

I finally got back on track with exercising and was able to get a workout in EVERY DAY!!! So proud of myself on that and I can't believe how much better I feel when I have worked out regularly! I know there are days when I won't get a full workout in, however, even walking one mile using the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home in my day (about 20 minutes) makes a huge difference! That said, I am off to workout right after I finish this post!

I am now entering my final month on the Nutrisystem Canada Blogger Program. As much as I have really loved being a part of this program, I am really excited about what the future holds as I enter maintence at the end of May. I am also hoping that I can lost at least 10 more pounds before I finish with Nutrisystem full time. If I lose ten more pounds I will almost be at my wedding weight for almost 14 years ago! That is huge for me.

I will talking with the Nutrisystem team this week and getting some ideas and advice on how to maintain my weightloss after I am doing this final month. I will be sharing those ideas with you all next weekend, so stay tuned.

As successful as this last week was for me regarding exercise, eating was a little more rough. I had a difficult time sticking to the Nutrisystem food this weekend with Easter and all the yummy food and treats, so fell off the wagon a little:) A girl has to indulge a little, no? Of course, I did not go overboard, but not sure all my choices were totally the wisest ones I could have made. But the ham and sweet potatoe casserole was so hard to say no to:)

Now, the moment of truth:

Starting Weight (January 28, 2011): 174.5lbs (too much!)
Last Week Weight (April 16, 2011): 157.6lbs (woohoo!)
Current Weight (April 16, 2011): 158.7 (whoops!)
Total weekly loss/gain: GAINED 1.1lb
Total Weight loss to date: 15.8lbs!!!!

Stay tuned next week for my thoughts on week 13!

For more information about the Nutrisystem Canada program, check it out here!

For more information about the Nutrisystem US program, check it outhere!

Have a great week!

****In return for participating in the Nutrisystem Canada's Blogger Program, I am being provided with free food. In return, I will be blogging about my experience in an honest manner. I have not been compensated in any other manner****

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