Saturday, April 2, 2011

What My Child Is Reading - April 2, 2011

In my home, we do a lot of reading! I have been an avid reader since I was a child, and I am so excited that my children have learned to love books too. Because of their ages, only 4.5 and 2.5 years old, we do a lot of reading to them but I know that once they can read for themselves their interest will only continue.


I just found out about this great weekly blog meme called What My Child Is Reading, hosted by Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns and decided to join today.

Here is just a few of the books I (or my husband) read to the girls this week. These are also books that I use in my home daycare during circle times.

 As part of of bedtime routine, we read a Bible Story and then the girls each pick one book they want read. Right now we are using 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs and we are loving it! We have four different Bible Books for Children so rotate them as we go through. All four are different reading/comprehension levels which is perfect for the girls.

Caps For Sale is a classic book, written in 1940. As an Early Childhood Educator, I have used this book regularly and I am so glad that my girls enjoy it as much as I do!  I love the repetition and how interactive the book can be. We love acting out the book with the girls and the children I care for. I have found a ton of activities online that correspond with the book and help enhance early learning in all areas.

My four year old daughter attends pre-kindergarten three mornings a week, and as part of their program she brings home Scholastic Book Orders. We love this. Each month we pick one or two books to order, and this last week we received our March order. One of the books was Rainbow Magic: The Rainbow Fairies. A very bright book that is a Level 2 reader, so right now I read to her, but in the future she will be able to read it on her own.

I am huge fan of Usborne Books! We have a number of their books in our home. While on the more expensive side, they have been a valuable resource for my home daycare as well as the education of my own children. One of our favorites is the Usborne World of Animals. We love the bright, real-life photos of a large variety of animals. I also love that it is an internet-linked book, so we can go to the Usborne website and get linked up to more resources as we learn about animals. Right now my girls are all about ocean animals and this book has a large section devoted to these types of animals.  Not so much a "sit down and read to me" book, but still a fantastic book in our collection.

To join in the fun and link up some of your child's favorite reads from this week, head over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns today!


  1. Usborne is fantasic! I'm glad you joined in "What My Child is Reading" I'm looking forward to taking a walk through your blog :)

  2. Welcome to the link up! I've been posting (off an on) for a while now and get so many good book ideas not to mention great blogs in the process. The Bible Stories book sounds good. I just found The Rhyming Bible and we're having fun going through that.
    I will check out Mama Miti; I just recently heard about her through PBS. What a great story to teach our kids.

  3. Thank you so much for joining WMCIR! I always love to get new participants and visit their blogs. We tried Rainbow Magic too, but my daughter hates anything remotely scary, and the mere mention of goblins turned her off from the series, at least for now. Caps for Sale is a very lovely book, and we absolutely love Usborne here as well.