Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life Interrupted: A Book Review

About The Book:

Interruptions. They're aggravating. Sometimes infuriating. They make us want to tell people what we think of them. But how we handle interruptions actually tell us more about ourselves.

The prophet Jonah's existence was interrupted by a call of God that would require a complete change of life. And it scared him enough to make him run in the opposite direction. Yet, what seemed to him to be an unnecessary and useless interruption was really an opportunity for Jonah to be involved in something the likes of which the Old Testament world had never seen before. This interruption was really a divine intervention and it held more adventure and possibility than he could have ever imagined. 

We, like Jonah, tend to run from interruptions. When major pains and minor problems cause a hiccup in our carefully calculated plans and goals we head in the opposite direction. Who knows what we might be missing by running from what could very well be God’s means of steering us towards the most magnificent outcome of our lives. Jonah could tell us a story or two. So could you. And so does popular conference speaker and author Priscilla Shirer in this very personal account of opportunities lost and lessons learned—and the amazing freedom and fulfillment that comes from going with God even when He's going against your grain.

You can read an excerpt from Life Interrupted here (in PDF Format)

About The Author:

Priscilla Shirer is a Bible teacher who enjoys bringing the stories of Scripture to life. She is also the author of popular books including One In A Million, A Jewel in His Crown, and Discerning the Voice of God. Priscilla is married to her best friend Jerry with whom she founded Going Beyond Ministries. While Priscilla loves ministry, she prioritizes her role as wife and mother. Between writing and studying, she spends the majority of her time cleaning up after their three fabulous sons.

My Review:

In the last two years that I have been blogging and doing book reviews, I have been introduced to some amazing books and authors. But one author has impacted me in a way that I never expected. Last year I had the privilege to study through One In A Million with my church's ladies Bible Study. It came at the perfect time, as I was experiencing some serious wilderness situations in my life. Through her study and God working in my life and heart i have come to realize the value in experiencing wilderness experiences. Some experiences I could control, others not so much.

Now, Shirer has come out with a book entitled Life Interruptions: Navigating the Unexpected and it examines the life of Jonah and how even when he did not want to obey God and do His will, God wanted him and sent him interruptions to show that and bring him back.

The book is very well written, as all her books are, and 212 pages, is a quick read but packs a punch! A lot of learning is too be had from this book and I will definitely be going through it again in the future. But will take my time and really dig deep through it. However, I wanted to share just a few nuggets I pulled from Life Interrupted:

- When God speaks, when He intervenes, when He permits a circumstance to rise up around you, it is your opportunity to write a story that people may still be talking about many years from now. Like those holy heroes of old from Scripture, your story of divine intervention - the one that brought you to your knees in frustration - could be the very thing that lifts others' eyebrows in wonder and amazement at your strength and tenacity, the one that cause them to see the sparkle of substance, significance, and impact in your life. This could be the part of your story that encourages another to make their own decision to follow hard after God, perhaps rewriting the lines for their whole family, replacing a legacy of rebellion with a future of trusting faithfulness. (p. 42)

- Life interruptions = Divine Interventions 

- When we follow God through out interruptions, when we back away from the immediate shock to realize there's more to the this issue than meets the eye, we become people who can say, "we're not sure what our next assignment will be, but we only want to be where God wants us to be" (p. 30)

- Wonder what would happen if instead of saying no and turning away, we truly listened to whatever God has been exposing to us in the midst of our interrupted lives, the specific areas where His Spirit has pointed out our need to yield to Him more completely? What would happen if the things that were of primary significance to Him became the same things that were of most significance to us? Like Jonah we've got some unfinished business to tend to. What do you say we get up and get with it? (p. 197)

So from those three little clips of the book, you can see that reading this book can change you, if you let God work through the book and penetrate your heart and life for change. Instead of looking at life interruptions as negative, I have began to look at them in a more positive manner and see what God is teaching me. He is definitely teaching me a lot and I am so glad He is teaching me through His servant Priscilla Shirer.

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer from B and H Publishing Group here. It is also available through your local Christian bookseller.

***I received a complimentary copy of this book, courtesy of Lovell-Fairchild Communications, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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