Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Nutrisystem Journey: Week 14 and 15

Okay, so I am seriously behind updating you all on my journey with Nutrisystem Canada. I had a week 14 post ready to go last week and then Blogger went down for a day and a half! Ugh, gotta love technology sometimes (not!). But alas, I am back and ready to update you all.

I am officially in my last month as a Nutrisystem Blogger. What a journey it has been. Not only have I been able to lose weight but I have developed some amazing new (and improved) habits that I will have for life. To me, that has been almost more important then the weightloss itself. I can lose all the weight I want (does not matter what program I am using) but if I don't make lifestyle changes, the weight will come back and it will have been for not. That is certainly not what I want for me, and I don't know too many people who would want that.

So, here are just some of the improvements I have made thus far on Nutrisystem:

1. Portion Control

I have learned that what I was eating before Nutrisystem was WAY too much! A typical meal would have likely fed two of me! And it astonishes me when I look around at family dinners or in restaurants and see just how much people consume. Is it any wonder there is a problem with over eating and obesity in our society. I have had the opportunity to be away at a Church Ladies Retreat this past weekend and I purposely did not bring my Nutrisystem food with me. I did this as a little "test" - I wanted to see if I could really use the portion control tips I have learned and I am happy to say that for the most part I did. Although, I have to admit, I did snack a lot, and that was a major pitfall for me. I just worked a little harder when I got home to burn those extra calories!

2. Water Consumption

The first week on Nutrisystem, I seriously thought I was going to float away, consuming about 64oz. of water daily. But now, almost 16 weeks later, I can totally tell the days I don't drink enough. I get tired, grumpy, my skin feels weird and I overall don't feel good. Amazing what being properly hydrated does for a person in an overall way, not just with weight loss. Now I carry a water bottle almost everywhere I go, and I find that even my girls ask for water more than any other liquid

3. Cooking

I have discovered some fantastic new recipes online at the Nutrisystem website and have loved the tips and ideas that it has given me. I have learned so many new ways to make my family's favorite foods, and be healthy about it. Prior to Nutrisystem, its not that we ate unhealthy, but by using the tips and ideas from Nutrisystem, I am setting my family and I up for continued healthy eating success for a lifetime.

4. Overall Health

Not only have I been able to lose weight with Nutrisystem, but I have lost 3 pants sizes (narrowing in on size 10 from a 14/16), and a ton of inches! I have more energy, my skin feels great, I feel more rested in the mornings, love to exercise and my moods are so much better! I have also lost almost 3 points on my BMI, reversed my Type 2 Diabetes, and lowered my chloesterol. Needless to say my doctor was estatic at my last checkup!

So as you can see, using Nutrisystem has been a huge benefit to me and I highly recommend the program.

For more information about the Nutrisystem Canada program, check it out here!

For more information about the Nutrisystem US program, check it out here!

Starting Weight (January 28, 2011): 174.5lbs (too much!)
Last Check In  Weight (May 1, 2011): 160.5lb (woohoo!)
Current Weight (May 18, 2011): 158.5b(whoops!)
Total weekly loss/gain: LOST 2lb
Total Weight loss to date: 16lbs!!!!

Stay tuned next week for my thoughts on week 14!

Have a great week!

****In return for participating in the Nutrisystem Canada's Blogger Program, I am being provided with free food. In return, I will be blogging about my experience in an honest manner. I have not been compensated in any other manner****

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