Monday, July 18, 2011

Desiring God DVD and Study Guide: A Review

About The DVD and Study Guide:

This study guide companion to the DVD version of Desiring God
—the classic explanation of Christian hedonism by John Piper—will help individuals and groups understand that the supreme calling of life is to "glorify God by enjoying Him forever."

The DVD and this guide create an ideal package for adult and youth Sunday school classes, small groups, retreats, classrooms, families, as well as for individual study.
Topics for this 12-session guided group study include:

  • One Great Mission and Motivation
  • A Summary of Christian Hedonism
  • The Foundation of Christian Hedonism
  • The Essence of Christian Hedonism
  • The Grand Obligation (Part 1): Commanded to Rejoice
  • The Grand Obligation (Part 2): An Essential Element of Faith and Worship
  • The Grand Obligation (Part 3): Holy Hedonism Is Love
  • The Grand Obligation (Part 4):  The Strength for Sanctification and Service
  • How Then Shall We Fight for Joy? (Part 1): Know Its Sources and Setbacks
  • How Then Shall We Fight for Joy? (Part 2): Make Use of the Means of Grace

Complete with Scripture, key quotations for reflection, penetrating questions, and five daily assignments per week, this study guide will help you understand why God’s pursuit of His glory and your pursuit of joy are not at odds—because God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

Also includes a 6-session intensive track option. Leader’s Guide Included.

About The Desiring God Book:

Satisfaction…Happiness…Joy. According to John Piper, the pursuit of pleasure in God is not only permissible, it’s essential.

Desiring God is a paradigm-shattering work that dramatically alters common perspectives on relating to God.  Piper reveals that there really is no need to choose between duty and delight in the Christian life. In fact, for the follower of Jesus, delight is the duty as Christ is most magnified in His people when they are most satisfied in Him.

Constantly drawing on Scripture to build his case, Piper shows why pursuing maximum joy is essential to glorifying God. He discusses the implications of this for conversion, worship, love, Scripture, prayer, money, marriage, missions, and suffering.

Piper beckons us to approach God with the hedonist’s abandon. Finally, we are freed to enjoy Jesus—not only as our Lord and Savior, but also as our all-surpassing, soul-satisfying Treasure.

Desiring God may turn your Christian world upside down. And that will be a good thing, for the glory of God, and for your deepest joy.

About John Piper:

JOHN PIPER is pastor for preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the author of more than forty books, including Future Grace, A Godward Life, The Dangerous Duty of Delight, Don’t Waste Your Life, and The Pleasures of God. John and his wife, Noel, have five children and an increasing number of grandchildren.

My Review:

It has only been in the last two years that I was introduced to the writing and preaching of John Piper, but since reading his classic, Desiring God, I have been hooked. So when the opportunity arose to view the DVD Study of this fabulous book, I jumped at the chance. 

For the purpose of review I only viewed the first three sessions of the DVD series:

1. One Great Mission and Motivation
2. A Summary of Christian Hedonism
3. The Foundations of Christian Hedonism

It is my goal to work through the rest of the series over the next couple of months and then gift this DVD and Study to my church, for use in their Men's and Women's Bible Study and Small Group programs. For the sake of review I viewed Desiring God with my husband, as well as on my own.

One of my most favorite quotes from John Piper is "God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him" is from Desiring God. As simple of a statement as this is, it packs a punch. I am primarily a visual learner so it was really great to view the DVD of Piper preacher a series of messages based on Desiring God. It made the points in the book come to life, and helps me recollect the points a lot better. 

Desiring God will bring through a journey to a point that you will realize you can't glorify God if you don't have joy in Him. Pure and simple. An easy statement to say and read but not always easy to live out. However, Piper does a fantastic job at showing us how to have a true and deep desire for our God, that will truly change the way we look at our relationship with HIm! If you want to learn how to praise God over all things more than you do, I cannot suggest Desiring God enough! Perfect for individual, group and church studies for sure.

I highly recommend both the Desiring God book (it's the 25th anniversary of its release this year), and the DVD/Study Guide.

BUY IT: You can purchase Desiring God DVD/Study Guide (and the original book) by John Piper at your favorite local Christian bookseller.

****I received a complimentary copy of the above DVD/Study Guide, courtesy of the Blogging For Books Program, through Waterbrook Multnomah, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner****

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