Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Family Summer Bucket List!



In May of last year I discovered a fantastic blog, Little Wonder Days, and immediately fell in love with their idea of a Summer Bucket List. Although I did not participate in the Summer Bucket List Party, I decided to compile my own list for my family.

For my list I have put together ideas that are a combination of low/no cost to more expensive outings, and include activities that can be done in our home in minutes or completed at a day outing. All the home activities are such that you can do with items around your home and should not cost very much at all. Activities that are completed around the community or as day trips, may have higher costs, but with careful planning and couponing, costs can be significantly cut.

Throughout the summer, I will edit this list and make in BOLD those activities that we completed. I may even post some pics:)

Here is our list:

1. Make our own Bubbles

2. Have a picnic in the backyard

3. Pitch a tent and have a camp out in the backyard

4. Take a walk as a family at least two evenings a week

5. Find a new playground

6. Play in the sprinkler

7. Make a sidewalk chalk mural on our driveway

8. Have a meal on the deck (celebrated Canada Day with a BBQ with family!)

9. Have reading time outside

10. Have a sack race in yard

11. Have a family soccer game in back yard

12. Lay on grass and look at cloud shapes

13. Play I Spy

14.  Collect sticks, leaves and other nature items and build something with it...take a pic to document

15. Draw a letter or picture on the back of a family member and guess what it could be

16. collect leaves or flowers to create a flower box

17. Look for bugs and take pics of the ones we find...try to identify

18. Build a fort

19. have a playdate with a friend at Henderson Lake

20. Play tag

21. Play in the rain

22. Find a new walking path

23. Picnic in the park

24. family game night

25. Go and play mini golf

26. Play hopscotch

27. Make ice cream floats

28. Do a science experiment

29. Make our own ice cream

30. go to a movie (hopefully Brave or Madagascar 3)

31. make yogurt pops or popscicles

32. Go to the Farmer's Market

33. Make Cookies

34. Go Bowling

35. Go to the Marble Slab for ice cream

36. Visit The Galt Museum

37. Visit a bakery

38. Go for a treat at Tim Horton's

39. Go to the library

40. Go to Chuck E Cheese (in Calgary)

41. Wash the car at home as a family

42. Do a craft kit together

43. Have a Theme Dinner Night as a Family

44. Decorate a shirt for each family member, wear it and take a pic

45. Stay up late to look at the stars

46. pick flowers

47. have a silly day (like backwards day or wacky hair day)

48. Pick berries and use to make something

49. make sun tea

50. Go to Tot Lot Spray Park

51. Go to Gyro Spray Park

52. Go to the Water Feature at the Galt

53. Go to Helen Schuler Nature Centre

54. Go to the Calgary Zoo (would normally cost us $68 for admission, but with coupons will be FREE, plus our gas and food - we have to travel 2 hours each way)

55. Go to the Lethbridge Air Show (our kids are free as they are 7 and under)

56. Go to Waterton Lakes (Glacier National Park) for a hike, picnic, etc

57. Go visit Oma and Opa in Vauxhall at least once in July and once in August

58. Travel to Winnipeg for 11 days in August to visit family

59. Go to Whoop Up Days

60. Go out for dinner as a family to a restaurant of kid's choice

What are your plans for your family this summer? I would love to hear!

Be blessed,


  1. What a wonderful idea! This is a great way to make some great Summer memories :)

    Blessings from Maui!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm so happy you made a summer bucket list. This is a great list! I'm following you now. Have a wonderful summer!