Thursday, July 7, 2011

Go Bible: A Review

Between growing up in a Christian home, attending a Christian high school and Bible College, as now as an Christian adult, I have read many different translations of the Bible. From King James to New American Standard to The Message, and many more.

Now in the 21st century, not only do we have a ton of print Bibles to choose from, we also have many iPhone, Blackberry, and iPad apps that will help us get our daily Bible reading and studying completed. Then there are visual and audio Bibles too. One company that I recently discovered that brings a whole new level to the Audio Bible is Go Bible.

About The Original Go Bible:

The Original GoBible is a hand-held, portable MP3 device preloaded with the entire audio version of the Christian Bible.The Original GoBible does not interact with a PC; all of its content, over 70 hours of audio, has been downloaded onto the device. This is an audio device only. The Original GoBible's interactive on-screen menu allows the user to easily scroll through the Old and New Testaments and select the book, chapter, and verse to begin play. The Original GoBible is indexed to each of the over 31,000 Bible verses, so the user may begin play, repeat or bookmark any individual verse in the Bible. Additionally the Original GoBible has special features that make Bible study and organization very simple:

The Original GoBible is operated by one AAA battery (included). The device is approximately 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches by .5 inch. The screen size measures 2.4 inches in diameter. It weighs approximately 3.2 ounces. The package comes with a GoBible Original, earbuds, a USB cord, a carrying case, one AAA battery, and wall charger. The earphone jack on the Original is universal and supports any standard set of headphones. The Original may also be played through two accessories: a set of portable speakers or an FM transmitter that allows audio to play through a car stereo; both may be purchased on the GoBible website.

About The Go Bible Word Of Promise:
Featuring a star-studded cast of over 600 actors, original music score, and incredible feature film quality sound effects. Experience the Scriptures like you’ve never experienced them before – brought to life and dramatized in a way that will fully immerse you in the experience. The Word of Promise is an adaption of the New King James Version.

My Review:

If you are looking for a very portable, fun way to listen to the Bible it is the Go Bible Word Of Promise! I am absolutely loving it! I had the opportunity to review the Original Go Bible Word Of Promise and it was amazing to hear the different actors involved with this project. You will hear Jason Alexander as Joesph (OT), Jim Caviezel as Jesus (NT) and The Angel Of The Lord (OT), Marsha Gay Harden as Esther, Luke Perry as Judas and Stephen (NT), John Schneider as James (NT), Gary Sinise as David (OT) and so many more!

I have used my Go Bible mostly when I go for walks. It is super because not only am I getting physical exercise but also spiritual! I was able to use it while completing the Bible In 90 Days program, particularly on days when I did not have to sit down and read, I just listened! LOVED that! Great to use in the car for road trips, so the hubby can listen to his music while driving and I could listen to the Bible. My husband has even used it when he is doing his weight workouts too!

One of my favorite features is the reading plans, and my girls LOVED the story index. We have been having them listen to the Bible stories, and I love that they are recognizing ones that we have been reading in their children's Bible. So the Go Bible has been enjoyed by everyone in the family! A huge plus! It is very easy to use as well, and comes with a great little bag to keep it in. There are also several other GoBible products you can check out  here.

If you are looking for a great way to listen to an audio Bible, or a gift for someone, I highly recommend The Original Go Bible Word of Promise!

BUY IT: Purchase The Original Go Bible Word Of Promise here, at the Go Bible website. 

***I received a complimentary Original Go Bible Word Of Promise, courtesy of Lovell-Fairchild Communication, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner*** 

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