Monday, July 4, 2011

A Journey to 1000 Gifts

A few months ago I had the wonderful opportunity to read Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts (published by Zondervan). This book has completely changed my outlook on life. As many of you know, life as a homemaker and work at home mom (I have a home daycare) can be crazy most days, and there have been many days where I have had epic mom fails. At the end of the day though, as I reflect back on the lessons taught to me through One Thousand Gifts, I smile and think about just how blessed I am.

I began my journey of recording my own 1000 gifts list on this blog, and in a physical journal as well, and every Monday (when I can) I link up with Ann at A Holy Experience for Multitude Mondays.

114. Discernment

115. smell of coffee brewing first thing in the morning

116. books

117. new blog to follow from a fellow Christian mom

118. His Peace

119. Praying for a friend

120. Capturing Life on Camera

121. being reminded that I am not perfect and that's okay

122. my day planner

123. my home organization binder

124.  a messy kitchen as evidence of a of a productive morning

125. making summer trip plans

126. Oma and Opa Babysitting

127. smiles and smooches

128. being greeted at the door by my puppy

129. early hours Bible reading time

130. "mommy time outs"

131. watching a favorite tv show

132. Talking to my sisters

133. a new CD

134. hearing my favorite hymn

135. meeting my nephew for the first time

136. a sleeping child

137. baking

138. fingerpainting

139. laughing until I cry

140. the lessons learned in being flexible

141. a cup of hot chocolate

142. board games

143. watching hockey with my husband

144. hearing my daughter yell, "hurry, hurry hard" while watching curling with her daddy

145. sunshine despite the cold and snow (in April)

146. homemade soup

147. learning a new recipe

148. organizing

149. watching my husband rough house with the girls

150. a husband who loves me, despite me

I will continue to record my list next week, until then I encourage you to check out A Holy Experience today.

Be Blessed,

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  1. Nice to meet you! I'm a first time visitor from "A Holy Experience". I really enjoyed reading your 1,000 list and I agree with those mommy time-outs! I have to give those to myself often. I am a hot chocolate fan - usually a reward for myself at the close of a long day. I see that you graduated the Bible in 90 Days! Terrific! I start on 11 July :) Thanks for sharing and I look forward to returning.