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Putumay Kids Present - Kids World Party: CD Review

About Putumayo Kids:

Putumayo Kids is the children’s and educational division of Putumayo World Music. As one of the leading children’s record labels, Putumayo Kids is committed to introducing children to other cultures through music from around the world.

With its growing collection of CDs featuring multilingual liner notes, Putumayo Kids produces music that entertains, educates and inspires cultural curiosity. More than 3 million Putumayo Kids CDs have been sold around the world. At least one percent of the CD sales benefit non-profit groups that support children, families, schools and other charities. Putumayo World Music has contributed more than $1 million dollars to non-profit organizations that do good work in the regions where the music originates.
Watch this video to learn more about Putumayo Kids!

Putumayo Kids CDs can stimulate, engage and inspire – giving children an opportunity to express themselves and experience new and exciting cultures with music that will make the whole family tap their feet.

The Putumayo Kids music team chooses songs with child-friendly lyrics and rhythms by both renowned and undiscovered international artists. The collections of songs are tested in schools and with families. An international music selection contributes to the education of future global citizens while holding true to Putumayo’s mission of sharing music that is “guaranteed to make you feel good”.

Putumayo Kids has won numerous awards and is parent and teacher approved. Some organizations that have awarded honors to Putumayo Kids include Parents’ Choice,National Parenting Publication Awards, Teachers’ Choice and the American Library Association.

Teachers around the world use Putumayo Kids teaching guides, activity kits and CDs in their classrooms. Putumayo has also provided multicultural teacher training programs to school districts. The company has donated thousands of CDs and kits to schools and organizations with various global education initiatives.

Putumayo Kids also offers a series of downloadable Teaching Guides that accompany selected CDs from our collection, available on our Web site: www.putumayokids.com. These streamlined Teaching Guides provide three activity-based lessons that connect geography, social studies, and the arts with the songs on the albums.

About Kids World Party:
Putumayo Kids presents Kids World Party, a global medley of fun tunes from Trinidad to South Africa. Kids World Party marks a special partnership with Amnesty International, with 7% of Putumayo’s proceeds from the sale of each CD going to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization in commemoration of its 50th anniversary and in support of its work to promote and protect human rights worldwide.

With the release of World Playground in 1999, Putumayo Kids established its children's music collections as passports to learning about the world's cultures. Kids World Party marks a return to these global roots with 12 fun, danceable songs accompanied by a multilingual (English, Spanish, French, German), child-friendly booklet that explores how children worldwide celebrate special occasions. The CD comes enclosed in an eco-friendly package that uses no plastic.

Artists featured on Kids World Party include famed Indian pop and Bollywood singer Lucky Ali, who contributes "Kitni Haseen Zindagi," a song that celebrates life. South Africa's Sharon Katz and the Peace Train, whom Nelson Mandela appointed as a Cultural Ambassador of the nation, has thrilled international audiences with the beats and harmonies of their music, and delights listeners with "Sanalwami." Trinidadian children's musician Asheba contributes the calypso-infused "Recess Time."

Swiss singer Famara celebrates East African life in Swahili on "Mambo Saana." Hawaiian singerSolanna pays a reggae tribute to the childhood favorite "Oompa Loompa." Italy's Balentes, an all-female Sardinian group, contributes the playful dance tune "Cixiri" (Chickpeas), while France's Pakita charms with "Préparons-nous pour la fête" (Let's Get Ready for the Party). Representing Latin America is Mexican children's group Monedita de Oro with "Nadie." The infectious "Afro-Cuban Funk" of Cuban-American band PALO! is heard on their song "Quimbombó" (Okra).

Also featured on Kids World Party is bilingual (English-French) singer Will Stroet, an award-winning Canadian musician whose song "Le boogie à vélo" tells children that you can boogie even while riding a bike safely. U.S. musicians Tom Freund and Friends performs the participatory song "Freezedance" and fellow American Eric Bibb rounds out the collection with Jackie Wilson's classic soul tune "Higher and Higher."
Putumayo will donate 7% of its proceeds from the sale of each CD toAmnesty International in support of its work to promote and protect human rights worldwide. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

My Review:

I am a huge fan of Putumayo World Music, as well as the Putumayo Kids music, and recently had the opportunity to review the most recent CD, Kids World Music. It is so good, with a fantastic variety of music from countries such as Canada, Cuba/USA, Trinidad, South Africa and more. Not only will they be hearing some songs in different languages but they will be dancing and moving all to every single track on Kids World Music. My family's favorite tracks are "Freezedance" by Tom Freund and Friends (USA), "Oompa Loompa" by Solanna (Hawaii/USA) and "Nadie" by Monedita de Ora (Mexico). This is one CD that we will be listening to for a long time. 

All the Putumayo Kids CD's are great for introducing children to music from around the world, be it at home or in the classroom. If you are looking for fun, bopping music, I highly recommend Kids World Party from Putumayo Kids today.

BUY IT: You can purchase Kids World Party online here, as well as the other wonderful products from Putumayo World Music.

***I received a complimentary copy of the above CD, courtesy of Putumayo World Music, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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