Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm A Kinder Mom!!!

If you are a mom, I am sure you have hear of Kinder Surprise! They have been around for many years, since 1968 to be exact, and have always been one of my favorite small indulgences when I get a chocolate craving. I remember as a kid always wanting Kinder Surprise eggs, not because of the chocolate but because of the toys you got with them. You never knew what you were going to get, and that was, in my opinion, the best part of being treated with a Kinder Surprise Egg from my parents, grandparents or anyone really.

Kinder Surprise was a great treat for me when I was a kid, and now as a mom, I love these little eggs for my girls. As a Type 2 Diabetic, I am very careful about the amount of sugar I take in, and find that Kinder Surprise does not seem to affect my blood sugar levels in major ways. As such, I am also careful about the amounts and types of sweets my girls eat. Recently, we discovered that my daughter potentially has Hypoglycemia, and we need to limit or eliminate any extra sugars, because we notice she is prone to sugar meltdowns. After doing some food intake journalling, I have noticed that one of the foods that does not seem to affect her is Kinder Surprise. And that makes this mom very happy! After months of trying to figure out how we can treat her to something without meltdowns after, Kinder Surprise is the result.

Recently I found out that Mom Central Canada opened up applications for their Kinder Mom Ambassador Program, so I applied, and last week found out that I was accepted! Wow, are we an excited family!

During the next three months I am going to be sharing all things Kinder Surprise with you, my wonderful readers, including the re-launch of Kinder Surprise in Canada! As part of the re-launch, there will be an introduction of the 2012 Toy Collection with over 70 new toys inside those yummy chocolate eggs! Your child (and you!) will find toys like water squirting toys to inflatables! Amazing! You can check out the new toys on the official Kinder Canada Facebook Page and be in the know about all things Kinder!!!

Not only am I using Kinder Surprise as a special treat for my girls, I also use them to celebrate holidays like Christmas (in their stockings) and at Easter. I love to make life experiences special with treats too, and my oldest daughter is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks, and I am planning to surprise her with a Kinder Surprise and a special First Day of Kindergarten Breakfast on her very special day!

I love the ways that Kinder Surprise toys allow for children to play and use their imaginations in such wonderful ways. As a mom, and a family child care provider, my life revolves around play. So any product that encourages play gets a thumbs up in my books, and Kinder Surprise is right there!

Stay tuned over the next few months for more from me and Kinder Surprise!

QUESTION: How do you make time for play in your child(ren)'s life? How do you celebrate the small and big wins in their little lives?

***Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own***

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