Monday, August 1, 2011

Lydia's Charm: A Book Review

About The Book:

Autumn is a lovely time of the year in the Amish community of Charm, Ohio, but ever since losing her husband, Lydia doesn’t feel at home in the community where she felt forced to move. When mysterious gifts start appearing on Lydia’s porch, could they be from a nearby widower? Or are they from someone else — a man who would sacrifice romance in order to care for his family perhaps?

Read Chapter One from Lydia's Charm here (in PDF format)

A Note From Wanda:

I've often wondered what causes people to become prejudiced against those who are different from them. For instance, prejudices can begin in early childhood when children hear adults speak negatively of others who are unlike them. Prejudices can also begin when someone does something hurtful or cruel. For my novel Lydia's Charm, I decided to deal with the topic of a prejudice, hoping to show my readers one of the reasons behind some people's prejudice. I chose Charm, Ohio as the setting for this book, because it's a quaint little town nestled in a small village in southwestern Holmes County, and several of our Amish friends live in that area.

About The Author:

Wanda E. Brunstetter enjoys writing her award‐winning Amish bestsellers because they portray a simpler, more peaceful life – something she feels we all need in our complicated world. She has connections to the Amish community through her family heritage, and her accurate portrayals of the Amish and their culture continue to garner accolades from dedicated readers.  She’s the author of almost 50 books, with more than four and a half million copies sold. Her novels have appeared on many bestseller lists, including in The New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly. Her book, The Storekeeper’sDaughter, won the Retailers Choice Award in 2006, and Betsy’s Return was voted favorite historical novel in the 2008 Heartsong Present’s reader’s poll.  Brunstetter lives in Washington State, where her husband is a pastor, but she enjoys visiting Amish settlements throughout the country. Discover more about Brunstetter on her website at, or join her fan page on Facebook. 

My Review:

I have been a huge fan of the Amish Fiction genre for a few years now, and currently it is one of the fastest growing genres in Christian Fiction. Wanda Brunstetter is one of my favorite Amish Fiction authors and I am delighted to introduce you to Lydia's Charms, which was released in fall 2010. 

It is a delightful story that will take you to the simple lifestyle of the Amish, yet you will see that issues such as dealing with death, faith, romance and more are universal among all humans, regardless of lifestyle and religious choices.

Brunstetter's novels are always wonderfully written, easy to read and will appeal to all ages. I would say her novels, including Lydia's Charm, are appropriate for high school aged and older. 

I am very excited that Wanda Brunstetter has four books being released in the next six months and I have already added all of them to my TBR wish lists. 

The book has a lot of twists and turns and you will cheering on Lydia through it all. The underlying message throughout the novel is that our timing is not God's and His is what matters. He will guide us through all of life's trials to teach us exactly what He wants us to learn, and just because we had a plan in mind, does not mean that is necessarily how things will turn out!

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

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***I received a complimentary electronic copy of this book, courtesy of Barbour Books and NetGalley, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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