Saturday, September 24, 2011

Preschool Fun from Kumon Books: A Review

I have been blessed with two children who absolutely love to learn. Whether we are reading books together, or doing crafts, or just playing, both my daughters absolutely love trying new things and learning along the way. One activity that my almost five year old loves is to do "homework books". Seriously, if she could sit all day with a workbook she would.

Now, we differ on that a little. While I think there is a place for workbooks for preschool, and even older, children, I am of the humble opinion that they are WAY overused. Even as a youngster myself, I remember doing pages and pages of worksheets, and even being sent home with "extra" practice sheets during the summer months. Granted, I was not a strong student in the area of math, but really summer homework sheets?  Anyway, I admit I do use preschool workbooks with my girls, but on a very limited basis, and I am very specific as to which ones I purchase.

 One company that stands out to me for their quality workbooks and products is Kumon Books!  Recently, I was sent two fantastic workbooks to review.

 Are You Ready For Kindergarten?

Our Are You Ready for Kindergarten? workbooks are designed to introduce your child to important concepts that he or she will encounter in kindergarten, such as numerical order, counting, shapes, the alphabet, and phonics. 

Each Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Workbook will be 64 pages long; with color illustrations; 8½ x 11 inches; and will cost US$6.95 and C$7.95.

This book will help your child become familiar with the numbers 1-30 and shapes in preparation for kindergarten. With step-by-step exercises and fun activities, your child will have fun while getting a head start on his or her first official year of school.
Ages 4-5.

First Steps 

The First Steps series is designed for young children, aged 2 and up, who have never used a workbook before. The colorful and easy exercises in each First Steps workbook provide toddlers with the opportunity to become comfortable with the tools that are essential in every school—scissors, glue, pencils and crayons. These workbooks also teach the motor skills and problem-solving abilities that are a child's First Steps towards success.

Each First Steps Workbook is 5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches, paperback, 40 pages, full color, and retails at US$5.95 and C$6.95.

Coloring exercises for young children are often too complicated. The Let's Color book begins with a simple skill - having a child scribble on a picture randomly. As children progress through the book, they slowly learn to color within designated lines. Using crayons is an important precursor to learning to write with a pencil.
Ages 2 and up.

My Review:

Both of these books have been fantastic and have allowed my girls to learn some basic steps as they begin their preschool and Kindergarten, respectively, education years. With very easy instructions, even early readers can help their younger siblings do school work. The Kumon Series of workbooks are perfect for homeschooling families, as well as families in traditional school situations that need extra practice for skill building. The pages are brightly colored and will keep your child's interest as they complete each page. A perfect gift idea for any preschooler in your life, for example as a stocking stuffer this upcoming Christmas!

I highly recommend Kumon Books and give these two products a huge thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase the above books, and other fine Kumon products are retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and more.

***I received a complimentary set of the above books, courtesy of Kumon Books, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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